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Carol  ·  Nov. 13, 2011 has been redone and now includes some really cool features:

  • a counter
  • more photos
  • connections to social media
  • a comments section
  • a supporter's page

There are still some small changes being made, such as more photos being added, but I love the new look and I think you will too. Maggie has done a fantastic job with this ... and here is a message I would like to share from her.

Hi All - Check out our re-launched fund raising website and our quest to cover the monthly expenses at SAINTS.

The fact is it will take 50 ‘Saints’ donating for a year to cover one month of expenses at the sanctuary. It will take 600 monthly donors to cover the basic expenses over a year. When we reach 1000 that means the Board of Directors can feel financially secure to make necessary repairs to the present buildings, make plans for new purpose built buildings and comfortably be prepared for the many unforeseen emergencies which come up regularly when sheltering elderly and disabled animals.

We are working at finding those first 50 supporters to cover the first month, January. When we are successful we will be looking for the next 50 to cover February, and so on through the calendar year.

In order for this to work we need a couple of commitments from each of you. First, please sign up for the monthly donation and second spread the word through your circle of friends, relatives and colleagues.

Together we can make this happen.





I am dismayed to see only 20 people have signed up so far. Donating this way gives SAINTS a secure amount of money each month so it is very important to join up. Come on everyone. It is a very small amount individually but could make all the difference if we all get on board.

Thank you Kevin and Darren for a fantastic website.


Thanks Curt but to give credit where it's due the boys at Coleman Technologies, Kevin and Darren, did all the work as support for Saints. Coleman is also graciously hosting the site for us, also as a donation.

Bunny Horne

Pet Photos with the GRINCH (and while I probably have a Grinch costume in my closet I AM NOT the Grinch).

DEC 3rd, 2011 - (day after the Scotia Bank Bake Sale)
8 - 12350 Harris Road
Pitt Meadows, BC
Time - 10 am - 2 pm-ish

SAINTS will have a tent outside of the store where we can promote Saints Rescue.

Proceeds from the photo ops (less photo processing) go directly to SAINTS RESCUE this year.

Lisa Davies, event coordinator is working on a poster so that it can be posted on the SAINTS website.


Hi Bunny
Thank you so much for including us. Please use any information you wish.

Bunny Horne

Maggie, Brent and I are doing a SAINTS Rescue information thing at a Photos with the Grinch event at a Pitt Meadows pet store. I would like to include your latest updated information in a package that we will make available to the public, it will include our SAINTS brochure, information on the AVIVA Challenge which will commence the next stage of voting December 5th AND your relaunch of the 1000 Saints. If you don't have a problem I will print the information from the SAINTS website and make it available at this event.


Thanks Lynne
Pledging $25 a month is a great way for all the folks who follow Saints but can't, because of location, etc. volunteer right at Saints, be part of the team.
Our reality is we need stable funding and a lessening of the incredible stress Carol is under most of the time due to a lack of funds. When you realize the food bill alone is just under $50,000 a year and the vet bills are way over that, each persons $25 joined with others will allow everyone, especially Carol, to just concentrate on what is most important, the animals.
So I ask everyone who reads the blog to support this project and spread the word.
If your place of work makes charitable donations please tell them about us.
We need all of you.


wow it would be really great to have some more monthly expenses covered. 25 dollars a month is not a lot to give for most of us, but it can add up to a lot if we have way way more supporters. most of us think nothing of spending that.. lunch out or a few bottles of wine etc, these animals are so worth 25 dollars and so is carol. hopefully many more will help out. it does wonders for the heart.


Hi Cheryl
We have asked the bank about this and in order for it to work we would have to leave a sizeable balance in our account.
Right now it is very important that we move the money through to the main Saints bank account as soon as possible so it is just not feasible.
We would love to have you as a monthly donor if you feel you can use your credit card through PayPal

cheryl and stef

trying to figure out how to have the monthly donation come directly out of my bank account. Is there a way to do that?
Thanks Cheryl