Rescue Journal

i think the good thing about being one of the saints animals is...

Carol  ·  Nov. 17, 2011

they never worry about certain money or staffing, or internet or working (or not) dryers.

when esther and minnie pearl look at me with that worried look on their faces...they are only worrying that i may or may not be eating something interesting soon.

daphne and joey worry over which one will get the number one prime spot at night, tucked in under my bathrobe and snuggled in to my belly or back, depending on which way i am facing cuz jerry has the other number one primo spot and neither of them will mess with him!.... (joey should just quit worrying about this cuz daphne always gets it..and he gets second primo spot next....down in front of or behind my knees.)

buddy just worries about where i am at any given moment when he is awake and can't see me.

phoebe worries about dropping her blanket and being cold if i am not around to cover her up over and over again.

and i am pretty sure shane and ed and the fruitloops and conan the barbarian cat don't worry about anything unless maybe it is empty bladders and possibly running out of fresh things to pee on.

simple worries for simple souls...i am jealous and want to be like them....except....i am kind of glad i don't worry that i need to pee on everything!