Rescue Journal

the best laid plans of (wo)man and pigs....

Carol  ·  Nov. 17, 2011

we are going to pass on that dryer jan found...too far away and too much hassle to go and get with all of the other stuff on everyone's plate...we are ok for now, thx to maggie. we will get ours fixed if we can and maybe look at the one diana knows about if it is closer to home and less time sensitive to pick up.

i am not in a great mood tonight, too much i am really worried about. i need to get wilbur and charlotte back here before the 25th because apparently charlotte was accidently bred by the new family's crypt orchid pig on nov 11th and we need to give her the anti-pregnancy injection within 2 weeks cuz i am NOT risking a litter of 10 or 12 or 15 piglets....send out 2, get back a dozen or more...not freaking happening...not in my world.

i so want to shoot myself....

anyway..we are going to need a permanent area for them... the rent-a-fence scenario doesn't work anymore now that winter has struck...the snow is falling big time out of my door tonight, winter has officially begun and the other barn guys need that whole barn.

so...i need to figure out how to cover transport costs, find the money to build a pig shed and fence it all in the blink of an eye (rent a fence may come in handy again!) apparently my thousand dollar overdraft is still available (i forgot to close that account when i paid it off last time...good thing!) so at least that is a start.

you know what? honestly? rescue is nothing except one freaking major hassle after another.

one of these days, i swear to god...i am going to be hassle-free.

(until then i will try to figure this newest wrinkle in rescue life out.)


Bunny Horne

Janice, I thought of a temporary tent like structure as well, but Carol has a funny story complete with photos and the last time she used a tarpy kind of thing every barn animal was playing with it, ripped it to shreds in minutes, played tug of war, wore torn pieces of fabric on their bodies parading about the pasture for the day with their new trophies.

Bunny Horne

Carol, Brent just called and asked me to send this to you...apparently he was thinking about Saints more than his job....

Idea - move Crosby over to Classy Chicks old pen. Extend walls on Crosby's current abode and throw a roof on it and put a gate from Crosby's current home to the riding ring.

He wondered it this might be a solution for your pig situation.


What a nightmare and have been threw a simular experence and how i got my Roscoe back after sending him to a approved home , one i had been two three times to make sure for this 8 week old piglet. He was picked up after an announced visit and came back at 7 monthes old , 400 lbs and all i had here was a metal tool shed. By the time we had people to build him a proper house that metal shed looked like it had been run over by a mack truck. Anyhow i have enough materials here Carol if you can get the man power to make them a quick shelter. One thing about the farm pigs is there hot little bodies unlike the pots and a basic shelter with bedding will do fine for the season. I was going to suggest that tent you have but the big pigs LOVE to play wtih tarps so haha that won't last.


ah crap bunny, I thought I got all of the events. Can you re-email me the info at and I will put it up tonight? Sorry!
And yes, mo, I love that photo Jenn took, had to use it on the front page!
For the yaletown event at barking babies, they don't need anyone there. It's a party for small dogs and they donate the proceeds to SAINTS, they usually have one every year. I will check to see if she needs anymore brochures, but otherwise they are self sufficient.


Carol, you were so spot-on in your decision to neuter Brad Pitt at the first possible moment.

Bunny Horne

Hi, Guys, I just checked out the EVENTS that are listed. Will the Photos with the Grinch at Fetch a Bone - December 3rd event be posted? Brent and I will be there to represent Saints and provide info on the 1000 Saints program and the AVIVA Competetion. I did send a pdf of their poster via email.

Also I see there is an event in Yaletown, Wed. Dec 7th. Do you know if they would want a representative of Saints to attend that event. If it's in the early evening I could definitely attend since I live in the west end of Vancouver.

Sheila, will you still be sending me AVIVA information that I can copy to have available for the December 3rd event?


Totally off topic... I LOVE the new pic on SAINTS home page. Al & Jelly hanging out, they look great !!!


Maybe Loews, Home Depot or Ace Hardware would donate a SHED, or at least give you a super discount on one. Just cut a window or two and you would be set to go. Also, sometimes you can find little campers/trailers for which you would only have to build a ramp.


Is there any possible way for the cover of Frodo's trailer, if it can be moved somehow to the field for some extra cover for the pigs or temporary shelter for the farm guys to use?


That makes perfect sense Carol, but it still sucks. It is what it is and SAINTS will pull through. Wish I had experience with pigs so that I could help :( If I can help with building an enclosure or moving stuff around let me know. I have no real skills in that area but am happy to help move lumber, bedding, anything etc.


don't worry about it cheryl...i will make some calls and see what else i can arrange. if it doesn't work out, i will let you know and we will look at when you guys are available and i will try to get her injection done over there if that is how it needs to be.

not out of options yet..just starting the sifting process.

cheryl and stef

Hey Carol, I will phone you in the morning. Stefanie is on her new rotation right now so will not be off until tuesday morning and then wednesday she has an ed Day. She has no weekends off until the 3rd of December. Is there any way they can wait until then. I saw the post of her needing the injection. I just do not know what to do. We can for sure do it on the 3rd of December. During the week is a little tight with having to put our barn guys all to bed before it gets dark. let me know or I will call you tomorrow

Bunny Horne

Carol, there's a guy on Craig's List that posted yesterday "6' x 50' 9 guage galv chainlink fencing plus extra's - $225 (langley)" The fencing is brand new. He has photos. He is throwing in extra fencing as well, he has a gate, there are bottom ties, no posts though.
Just a thought.


it is a good idea brent but we cannot take away any of the undercover areas from the farm guys with winter setting in...we barely have enough areas for them to get out of bad weather as it is. the pigs are going to need their own permanent house now so might as well leave the barn guys alone with what they already have and need and build the pigs what they specifically need....stealing from peter to pay paul only works for a very short while and not at all in crappy cold and wet weather.

and this is all my own fault..A. i should never have stepped up to take them on in the first place and B. i shouldn't have been in such a panic to get them the heck out of here either...whatever, too late to change any of it, i just need to make it right for them now.


i won't know 100% for sure that the crypto guy doesn't get near her again til i get her here so i am not risking that she gets the injection over there. i feel safer doing her here and knowing beyond any doubt that no breeding occured after the injection was given.

i simply cannot handle any more pig surprizes!

and if you want your pigs safely back you absolutely cannot stick families with big bills to get them here, it would be far easier and cheaper just to give them away to the pig farm down the road.

when you are the responsible are 100% responsible. i placed them there, it didn't work out and now i have to get them safely home.

thx nicole every bit helps..steve will come up this weekend and look at what we need and build it for us next week...BIG yay for steve!

and i will call the rent a fence guys and ask him to send the fence back..then we are all set to go until fence building time in the spring!!!


Can we not convert one of the loafing areas into a shed for the pigs, it would be the quickest/easiest as you already have the structure with an exising roof, we just need to close it in, I was thinking of the one by Crosby. In my brain that is the least expensive, with the least hassle. Anyhow, my 2 cents worth.


what did happen with the pigs. you paid to get them there and now you have to pay to get them back. that totally sucks.


stupid money, why don't you grow on trees.

just called my dad to bug him about his company donating, will bring a cheque out on sunday. won't be too much but better than a kick in the pants.


The new family does not have access to this injection themselves? ... This sucks big time. So sorry to hear about all this Carol.