Rescue Journal

today was frustrating

Carol  ·  Nov. 20, 2011

not particularly bad in any way, just frustrating.
the water lines to the shop and the barn are frozen solid. i was trying to get out of here to go pick up some straw and a stall mat for brads new house...and i swear if one more person called my name as i was trying to leave, i was going to wasn't just the was the phone, it was the nice folks who found a stray dog running down the road and wanted to stick it here.

when i finally got into the van..i realized there was still feed in the back from the last run that i did..i pulled around to the shop to unload it and then found that one of the freezers that had a couple of donated feed bags in it...was now full of bugs..which means i now have to throw all of that feed out. note to more donations of unwanted barn feed. and i also found in while unloading the new stuff that the feed store had loaded up cob instead of dairy tex. so back to the feed store to return and exchange before i could load up the van again.

i pretty much only got a half hour break between animal and people things before it was time to haul my reluctant ass out for barn bedtime. ellie and the goats were totally uncooperative and dicked around until i really wanted to just grab something and beat them! which i did not...i did stay calm...i just threatened to give their suppers away to someone else but i really wanted to whack them instead!

i know folks think i am a pain in the ass about wanting my couple of hours in the afternoon just to chill and relax when i am home on the weekends..but i need that time to put the first part of the day behind me before i move on to the second part of the day.

the good news is...ko and vern are cooking dinner for laura tonight and i am invited. and since i have again been eating crap for weeks..what i probably need is a really healthy meal! so i better get somewhat cleaned up and head on over to finally have some nothing to do with saints will feel good tonight!



glad trev is doing so muuch better..YAY! bart is a great cat!...calm, dignified, rock solidly good natured. and yes i can meet you in mapple ridge one day..i am working this week wed-sunday so any of those would work.

Bunny Horne

Speaking of CRAP - did you find the ice cream we left for you and the dogs in the freezer?
And I just wanted to say that your blog last week about how fabulous a pig Brad is becoming couldn't be more true. OMG - he is absolutely delightful. Just thinking of him makes my day feel better. Brad with the zoomies photo is now my desktop at work. When I feel stressed by Christmas in retail I just look at Brad.


Trev is doing awesome...he doesn't need the slings anymore and never really used his wheelchair...he started getting up on his own just prior to me picking up his cart...he can get up on the couch and into my car on his own...I still have your crate/gate and would like to return it possible to meet in MR or can I leave it at Eastridge for you?? Does anyone need a wheelchair for a large dog?? I will lend it out...Trev may need it in the future...I'm hoping not...what is Bart like?? I almost adopted a dog from best friends cause I made the mistake of looking at there adoptables page...he looks like my old dog Nina...he has an application so I lucked out but it got me thinking of another you have any that would suit us???