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speaking of pigs...

Carol  ·  Nov. 22, 2011

todays tour and interview went well...i scored a free lunch! ellie was the one chosen to pose with me for the photo...she is so cooperative and not camera shy.

i always worry about these kind of things cuz i might come across as freaking swinging from the coconut tree you might wonder why i would worry about that?..or maybe..if you have actually been here... you don't really wonder why i would worry about it cuz of course i am coconut tree swinging nutz??? it is pretty obvious to all.

big sigh..see this is also what sucks big time in rescue...saint or looney tune fruitcake might be one in the same....and crappy fuzzballs on a popsicle stick!..i forgot to put on some i will look like a wingy coconut hick!

maybe i should go and take a mental competency test and see what i actually score...or maybe ignorance is bliss?

so the dogs and i were watching "50 first dates"... a man falls in love with a woman who has short term memory loss and he has to make her re-fall in love with him every day.

it occurred to me while we were trying to watch the movie...that it reminded me of living with fergus. there he was for the third time since the movie started... underneath the very middle of the kingsized bed, barking at the very same ball he had been barking at 15 AND 30 minutes ago like he thought either it was a new ball or it was the old ball that have might moved closer to him.
fergus and i share many moments of deja vu.

ok..tomorrow i am on the early shift so i need to get everything done early and head off to bed at a decent hour..please do not let that freaking fire alarm go off after i leave here in the morning cuz if it does i am going to scream!

tonight i know i am going to worry about this.



I like that. Batshit crazy never goes out of style. Right up there with my favorite 'Reality is over-rated'


[Quote][Carol]"i always worry about these kind of things cuz i might come across as freaking swinging from the coconut tree crazy[Quote]

Why ya worrying........there's a fine line between CrAzY n Gienus.......I prefer to hang out on this side of the line........They expect less from you if they think yur....:screwloose:......And remember..........Batshit Crazy........Never goes outta style.....;)

Carol Ann

i had ADT didn't like them or their service and my fire alarm kept going off --it was dust in it and I'm sure the barn is very dusty.


I stopped using my security alarm because the animals kept triggering the alarm. It gets to expensive to pay for false alarms. Just saying.