Rescue Journal

one of those days...

Carol  ·  Nov. 23, 2011

nothing major..just me being stupid like driving around with no gas and without my debit card and a few other brainless things...oh's almost over...tomorrow i will hopefully be more on the ball.

i am flipping around over the next few days..early mornings, afternoons, back to early, then on to is going to totally screw up the diabetics. i need to remember to say no to shift changes but i keep saying yes for some reason...maybe because i stupidly forget i have a bunch of insulin dependent diabetics??

buddy has some significant pain issues going on..i think he pulled a joey and hurt his back. joey is younger and can risk bombing around...buddy is not and should be more careful. anyway...i feel so sorry for them when they cry when they move so buddy is now on joey's med routine since it worked and joey got better....hopefully buddy will get better soon too cuz i hate to see him in pain.

here is a sad and revealing glimpse into me...i never felt as badly for my ex when his back was hurting..i might have kind of sucked as a wife!

june and pugsley are currently pissing everyone off..they think oafish thundering around is fun while the other guys do not.

i got a call on a chicken today and since i was working animal control offerred to meet me so we arranged to meet at mcdonald's parking lot on my lunch break. apparently she was a beige colored chicken which is almost blonde so i decided to name her amanda. i got to the parking lot a few minutes early and waited for our new chicken to arrive. she never got there..they found her home at the last minute so amanda went back to where ever she belonged.

can't say i am the least bit disappointed..the only thing better than having a blonde chicken named amanda is not having one at all!