Rescue Journal

oh shit....

Carol  ·  Nov. 24, 2011

something happened to minnie pearl while i was at work today. i left a totally crippled and messed up dog who thought she was absolutely fine in every way and came home tonight to a totally crippled and messed up dog who is suddenly aware of how messed up she really is.
she looks sad!, she keeps looking at her back end and wondering why it is sinking to the floor...and she cannot figure out why it is suddenly leaking, this seems to really bother her.
she looks worried...she looks vulnerable..minnie pearl is the least vulnerable creature i have ever known.

she is fiesty, she is haggy, she is demanding and determined. who is that frail and weak little thing that i just carried to the soft bed at my feet...who looks so ashamed of her weakness???

oh did you grow so ancient and aware of your broken frailness in just a few hours?

minnie pearl has always had incredible faith that all was well within and around her...and somehow in the last few hours, i think her body and spirit took one step too close to the end of the road..does she see it sweeping down upon her?
tonight it is like her heart too has now broken.

maybe a good nights sleep and she will feel more like her powerful true self tomorrow....?????
hope floats...we love you minnie pearl.



sorry for the spelling mistakes did not proof read it before i hit the button of no return and i will not be in to saints tomorrow till about 930 gramma duties calling.


well geez lol i told my old dog if he continued to poop in the house he was a candidate for saints. just kidding. he does walk along and sometimes poop but he really does try to make it to the door. my other dogs have always passed due to illness before they became incontinent so this is all new to me. he really does have a sorry look on his face, tkhey do know and can not help it. wae as humans are the same way when we get older, it is accepted and so should be for our fuury friends.


come on sweetheart you are a feisty and incredibly determined dog. we love you and want you around for a little while longer.


i don't use diapers..don't like them for many reasons...unnatural, uncomfortable, and breeding grounds for infections and skin breakdown. i prefer to just pad underneath them up well and change the pads as needed. most dogs get over the horror of complete incontinence pretty quickly, once the wet or soiled stuff is removed, they forget about it.

i just get super cheerful while fixing them up so they know without a doubt that i am happy with them.

esther has little bowel or bladder control now and she looks quite worried when she first goes but i am good naturedly goofing around with her while cleaning it up as soon as i see her going and then she relaxes about it as soon as it's gone...and during the process, she is so relieved she is not in any trouble over it all.

out of sight, out of is the beauty of the "in the moment" K9 mind.

cheryl and stef

Carol, What do you do for that? Is Minnie Pearl on any medication for her back weakness. I am asking because we are going thru the exact same thing right now with one of our guys. No control anymore and leaks everywhere His back end is starting to get worse. And he is totally incontinent with both. He looks so sad when he has an accident while he is sleeping. huge puddles =. I was wondering if dog incontinent diapers would work. I just worry that when he has to take a poop and he usually can not feel that either that it will make a huge mess in his fur and will upset him even more.

Yet every morning when the good breakfast cart comes by he is his spry self. And again his nightly treats. So I know he still has good quality left.

Thought maybe you could give us some ideas.
Thank you and hope that Minnie is feeling better in the morning