Rescue Journal

and that was a good nights sleep!

Carol  ·  Nov. 26, 2011


ok yesterdays updates...

minnie pearl is...better? maybe? not quite so sad looking, she does like living in the kitchen and getting lots of sympathetic attention. physically she is still a bit weaker, a bit more frail than she was a few days ago but it is not so dramatic a change now that she seems perkier. i have booked a check with the vet on monday to see if there is something new besides ancient wreckedness going on...(like a bladder infection maybe? i know they can sneak up and mess up a lot of aging humans too.)

bear went in to the vets yesterday to have that newly draining mass on his neck checked out. he is on antibiotics, needs a dental so when we do that we will take that mass off and send it off to see what it is...but i am pretty sure it is malignant from the looks of it now.

tina and fergus were actually not too bad last night...a few barking at balls and /screaming at ball seeking dog moments but not enough to keep me awake for very long. mostly this whole house just settled and slept well and i am very grateful for that!

charlotte and wills arrive home later today and it will be good to get them settled and expanded into our routines. soon it all will seem normal...or a least as normal can be in this very odd place. the vets are coming on monday to give her the anti-pregnancy injection and that will be a big relief to get rid of that worry..just the thought of a possibly pregnant pig scares the crap out of me!

i have agreed to take in an old poodle..bad teeth, bad skin and possibly diabetic. the shelter has very kindly offerred to take care of the dental and the initial bloodwork for us and then we just have to take care of the ongoing chronic-ness of her aging/medical issues so that is a great help.

the xmas donations are starting to trickle in..the mailbox was full of good news yesterday and the bake sale is coming so things should start getting a bit easier for a little while at least now which will be a HUGE relief.

a good nights sleep, a little bit less worry and a little bit easier all adds up to a lot less stress!

starting the day on an up note...hope it continues that way!



curt you can take them out to saints or bring them to the bank nova scotia on thursday and give them to laura. great if you have something to donate. thanks