Rescue Journal

minnie pearl passed peacefully away...

Carol  ·  Nov. 28, 2011


the vet said it was her kidneys that finally gave out on her. we knew back last april that her kidney's were toast, but minnie just kept trucking along and didn't seem to notice.

she had 3/4's of a sausage mcmuffin on the way into the vets. she did not want the very last bit but did enjoy what she had.

i think both she and i are ok with the ending of her life today..she wasn't having fun anymore and she finally knew that she was old and sick.

i will really miss her, her funny little toast face the most. man, she could move her ass from one side of the room, right to my feet in the blink of an eye if she thought food might be happening. and she was so intent as she stared at me while sending..."i want some!" signals that i couldn't deny.

minnie pearl at times with the other animals was a complete and total hag...BUT as far as people went..she was always incredibly sweet, kind and gentle...(except... if your fingers accidently got in the way of her cookies..then you better be reaching for a bandaid!)
anyway...i am going to miss her, she made me laugh, she gave me an occasional headache (and a sore finger or two...)... but... i really liked having her here...minnie pearl was not only incredibly lovely, she was a lot of fun!

rest in peace minnie pearl... you were a very special girl.



i will miss her too. wish i could have been there on sunday to say goodbye, but i saw her on saturday and we all kknew it was not long. i will miss her fiesty determined ways she was a food aholic for sure. hope there are lots of cookies for you now minnie pearl. be good.


Awww Minnie! I enjoyed seeing her too when I was volunteering there.RIP Minnie! You'll be missed!


I have and will miss Minnies early morning antics on the morning walks on the weekends. She was very determined that one day she may be able to dig up the roots to one of the trees in the lower field. RIP sweet girl.


She always came over for a bit of loving when someone sat on the couch. Nice dog.

Carol Ann

Rest in Peace Minnie Pearl. You were a character and were loved by all.

Ann C

Hugs to you Carol, I will miss you Minnie you were very special, love you lots, sweet dreams.


Boy Carol your heart must be broken. So sorry to hear of another loss. She was lucky to have you with her.



Really glad that I was around yesterday to feed Minnie a few pirate cookies,(brought in by Ann and Zoe)and pay some extra attention to her. Everyone in the house knew what was coming, so she had lots of caring arms around her yesterday- especially when Carol came home. She'll be missed for sure. Ann, I know she was your favourite - glad you were there yesterday to give her hugs too.


RIP Minnie Pearl.. I remember the heart attacks she gave us when she would be visiting out at the barn & got a little too excited with someone and would fall to ground gasping..she was such a trooper .. 10 minutes later she was back up & ready to go again. Her face and eyes had such expression, she will be remembered, always.