Rescue Journal

mystic and flicka: amazing grace

Carol  ·  Nov. 29, 2011

today i watched mystic play with joey, mystic play with mini me, mystic play with hilda...all on my bed and within inches (or sometimes on top!) of me.,,she is so very gentle, she is so careful to make sure the little guys are having fun. she never pushes too hard or too fast, she bends her play to fit them.

today i also watched ziggy and flicka play. i watched them for about 10 minutes as ziggy led flicka a merry chase..across the field and back again, up the hog fuel pile and back down, around to the gate and into the riding ring. ziggy was kicking up his heels and being fearless and flicka was trotting along behind him to keep him doing the quick step and then the waltz. watching flicka move as she joined up and moved in was like watching a ballet..beautifully executed, smoothly flowing like water ebbing.

who would have thought an ancient mare who spent so much of her recent life alone would choose to dance and play with a little palliative donkey who thinks he is pretty hot stuff?

the gentle and giving spirit of some of these animals puts the human race to shame.



I think those 2 are becoming fast friends..all day Sunday I noticed Ziggy & Flicka sticking close with each other.. It was ziggy following Flicka & then it would be Flicka following Ziggy.

I did notice Gideon acting a bit strange.. Dionne has he been his normal self with you ? He is getting up there in years & it is starting to freak me out


Brings tears to my eyes.Animals are just so forgiving. Too bad humans aren't more like them.