Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Nov. 30, 2011

back to work today which is good cuz i could use a break from here. laura is going to drop jelly off at the vets for me, she has an ear hematoma that needs some attention...hopefully i can pick her up on my lunchbreak but she may have to wait til after work if they do surgery on her.

nicole finished up the xmas letter so today i will get it printed off, pick up stamps and envelopes and i need to track down mj to get the mailing labels so we can send it off. i want it in the mail by monday so it is a lot to get done...not sure what our mailing list is now but i think it is over 400...that is a lot of folding, label and stamp sticking and envelope stuffing for sure!

some of the nurses are baking for the bake sale so they will bring it to work for me and then i can pass it on to laura. i had good intentions to try to bake somethings too but without a working stove and a bunch of things on my mind, i never did get around to figuring out something i could bake in a toaster oven. oh the problem solving around baking regard, i apparently suck.

i have moved esther into the kitchen...june is getting pushy with her and esther will not tell her to piss off....(however, i did tell her to piss off for esther!) june may be my dog and i love her to bits but esther is an elder here so esther is not to be pushed around or upset. june does not like getting into trouble with me and because she is so fearful i feel bad giving her shit BUT if she doesn't want to be in trouble then she better leave esther alone.

you really can't let their past lives dictate their present life now...the rules are the rules and they are simple and few..and one of them is do not upset the elderly or the frail or someone smaller or weaker than you or i will get mad at you.

in the dog world this is a stupid rule..the bigger and stronger are entitled to push around the weaker but i figure dogs have had countless generations to adjust to living with many even stupider human rules so they can easily live with my stupid few too.

well.....i guess i better get dressed and go poke the is time to get moving again.



hi bunny..great news!!..bring them up here and we will either use them for the animals or save them for the silent auction. thx so much.

ashley..i think if folks send along a name and address of the family, mj sends a card to the family letting them know the donation in memory was made.


If someone wants to donate to SAINTS in memory of their pet, do they receive a certificate or something for that? Or how does it work?

Bunny Horne

Carol, the buyer just got permission from their boss to donate the following items to Saints Rescue:
2 cat trees (with little hiding house)
1 Solid Redwood Dog House (L41" X H34" X W36") it is one skookum house

Can you use any of these items at the moment. If yes, I will bring them with me on Sunday for my volunteer shift.

OR I can list them for sale in Vancouver and turn the proceeds over to SAINTS once the items have sold. Let me know okay.