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looks like a mmmmmm goooood bake sale day!

Carol  ·  Dec. 2, 2011

not a happy camper today cuz i have to go into work 3 and a half hours early...i don't mind starting earlier cuz i get off earlier but i had left a bunch of really important things to do (like picking up the paystubs from the accountants and doing the payroll and the bank deposit to cover it all)...til today before i went off to work. ooops...

oh well..i will hit the accountants at 830, rush back up here and do up the cheques, poke the diabetics and i can do the deposit on my lunch will work out in the end.

everyone was pretty good when i got home last night..laura had come earlier and checked up and cleaned up and let everyone out for a pee. i came home did the diabetics and went straight off to bed so at least i got enough sleep.

i did open up tristie's cage before i went to bed last night and i did not hear any wars going on so hopefullly it is not just the quiet before the storm.

the nurses at work baked a TON of great stuff for the bake sale today...i work with such great people!! i dropped it off at laura's on my way home and she had a ton more stuff ready from other great people and more coming from more great people still being dropped off at the bank today!!!! so many great people in the world today!!!!!! it is looking like it is going to be a phenomenol bake sale..i already gave laura my money and told her what i wanted from what i saw...mmmmm..perfect timing...a bake sale just before xmas.
BUT... i am just a little pissed off that now that i have to start work 3 and a half hours early i am not going to be able to go there myself and shop my little baked goods heart out personally...i know i am going to miss out on some really great baking that i won't get to see!!!!


Bunny Horne

Hey all, if anyone is looking for the suitcase of volunteer stuff Brent and I have it for the Christmas with the Grinch event in Pitt Meadows tomorrow. I also need it for next Wednesday for the Yaletown Christmas event. We didn't take any of the big signs or photo boards as we will be outdoors and didn't want them to get weather damaged.

Can't wait to get my YUMMY cookies from Laura on Sunday.


Such great news that there is so much baked goods for the bake sale.! Hoping for a great sale and raising lots for SAINTS.
Sure hope Tristie is good out of her cage, there was no way I could get into it last Saturday to clean. She dwas very bi polar that day.