Rescue Journal

todays happenings.

Carol  ·  Dec. 4, 2011

i took a bunch of sinus/cold shit and slept a good part of the afternoon..i am just starting to get another headache and stuff up again so a second dose should do me until morning. i don't have any vet appointments tomorrow and the staff are all here so i think i can hide away in the suite for the day and that should fix me up for good cuz tuesday i do have a busy day.

i stayed in the house for most of today but i do know that those morons pugsley and brad pitt got into a fence fight. brad was stupid enough to stick his ear thru the fence during their argument and pugsley took the opportunity to bite it. i cleaned it up and brad is fine..he doesn't care in the least. i am pretty sure that brad likes a good looks like we have a likes to kick ass pig. i was trying to think of the dogs that we had that got their jollies out of a good scrap...there was ben, and carly and i can't remember any more but i am sure we have had more than that.

anyway..some animals like a good fight..they think of it as a recreational activity. i think in a previous life they must have been irish or scots or cowboys cuz if i am not mistaken an occasional free for all brawl in less civilized days was pretty fun for some of those fiesty folks too.

so this is our first happy brawling pig and he is A-ok with his minor war wound.

ellie who has so very much more class than brad, would have been totally devastated by any violence against her person.

i had a look at flicka today...she has really packed on the weight, i can barely see her ribs anymore.

and laura says with the scotiabank's matching grant, our bake sale netted $10,500!!! ( which is a very good thing because by the time wills and lottie's floor is poured..the new pig area cost $4000.00...the pressure treated lumber and posts is an absolute killer cost.) i will split the rest between the vets to bring down the bills a little bit too and hopefully we get enough xmas donations to pay off the rest...we usually do.

brent finished up brad pitts door today so he is all set for the winter..oh and griffin is feeling much better today, his blood sugars are back in a decent range.
as far as i know that is all of the will put the mp building to bed and then i am heading back to bed too!


Carol Ann

yay Laura I think I gained some of my lost weight back on the weekend. Good job again


Thank you Laura for your commitment and all your hard work at the bake sale!! Job well done!!


Yes, what an amazing event it was! Thanks so much to all the bakers,and buyers and money donaters. It does a heart good to see so many people care about our special Saints crew:)