Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Dec. 4, 2011

i can't sleep..i am chilled to the bone and can't stop shivering and i ache...all over. i took some tylenol arthritis and hope it kicks in pretty damn soon.
the freaking dogs are all sleeping..even the new girl. daphne is glad i got out of bed cuz my shivering was bugging her..i know this is true because she actually growled at me to knock it off...she's an unsympathetic weiner!

the fire alarm has gone off once more but that was before i went to bed so i can't really blame it for my sleeplessness. i suppose i could go and have a hot bath but i am too fussy to get wet.

leanne from valley feed bag sent some toys home for mystic the other day..she has this hard material, vanilla flavored ring thing that she really likes..maybe it will satisfy her need to gnaw on my was working tonight anyway.

i got a hold of darin and he will come and pour the cement for wills and charlottes new house this week. steve and randy did a great job on building it and the fenced in area..i think they are really going to like it when it is done. we just have to finish off the doorway of brads new is getting pretty cold now and he needs a better wind break so he stay warm during the winter too. hopefully brent can whip something up next time he is here.

griffin is a bit better now that his insulin dose (i upped it a tiny smidge) is starting to kick in. i will just have to watch him closely so he doesn't drop too low with the new dose.

dusty is lame on her back leg started this morning. she was pretty sore when i got home tonight so i upped her pain meds..hopefully tomorrow she will feel a little bit better too.

this cold weather wreaks havoc on old weary bodies... i am kind of pissed off that nicole is sitting on a warm beach in hawaii while the rest of us are freezing our asses off. mo said today that she may take a week in april and head off to mexico..i am giving her fair warning that if it is still cold here, i will transfer my pissed offedness on to her!

ah screw it..i am going to go and have a hot bath...i need to warm up!



Carol, sorry you had such a tough night. Brent is on site today and we have my Barbie SUV so if he needs to scoot and get some materials to work on Brad's home he has something to carry materials in, not that stupid Mustang.
See you in a couple of hours. As soon as we get there we will unload into the shop, rebuild the cat houses, build the dog house so you can then decide where you want it, we will unpack the food donations from Fetch a Bone, Pitt Meadows so you can go through them and get rid of any trash associated.