Monday is vote day

Carol  ·  Dec. 4, 2011

The first day of voting for the Aviva Fund semi-finals starts tomorrow (Monday December 5th). Here is your daily reminder to vote. They key is for everyone to remember to vote once a day, every day. Pass this reminder on to your friends and family/ There are 15 voting days ... Go SAINTS go!

You are already on your computer, now the easy part: Click to register and vote:

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Angel, Mini Me, and Peluchie, thank you for helping to support senior and special needs animals.



Can't vote until noon time.I already tried to get the first vote in for Saints.I guess that is a benefit of living in Nova Scotia.I worked in primary care detox for 30 years and now that I am retired I am addicted to Saints blog. Sometime I laugh my head off and other times I cry.