Rescue Journal

nicole's fiona has crashed...

Carol  ·  Dec. 6, 2011

nicole is flying home tonight to be with sorry nicole, big hugs to you both!

marie and plainsman are comrade in arms. marie had been pretty quiet for the first couple of days but her quietness is over. marie says..... i have given this a shot and decided it sucks so i intend to find my way out of here as soon as i can. in the mean time, me and my new buddy plainsman will stay side by side and tell you each moment of the day how much we think you and saints sucks.

plainsman just goes along with whatever marie says and adds his voice to hers in complaining.....yeah to what she says!!!
so i currently have 2 big emotional babies who both want to go home. i did feel kind of sorry for plainsman (who i call manny) tho...i made him this great and awesome soft bed in his favorite quiet place up by the washer. he laid on it for a minute til he had to try to follow me to the bathroom. by the time i came back his bed was gone..those bloody little shitzheads had dug it out into the laundry room, made a giant big pile and three of them were now all sleeping on it...leaving poor manny a bare and cold floor.

i finally let manny into the computer room where he claimed the red leather couch so for this particular moment he is somewhat satisfied with his bed....until i move again.

marie is not wasting time checking out or lazing around in beds..she is currently trying to dig herself thru the cat door to the outside instead. i told her..look little missy..go and talk to tina. she wanted out of here as bad as you do. she actually succeeded in making it about 5 miles from here, but now she is happy and no longer freaks out and tries to leave. so if tina can settle so can you.

marie is not listening, she just wants me to cooperate with her current need and open the gawd damn door for her.
sigh...i so feel their pain but i also know that in a week or so they will figure it all out and realize they really are ok.
anyway..she just gave up on the door plan and is now laying upside down in my arms so she can stare directly into my eyes and look totally woebegone.

too cute..i have a new favorite drama queen dog!



Nicole I was so very sad to read this post... you are one of those people with a huge heart that loves deeply and with that comes the huge loss when a loved ones time arrives . Fiona was so fortunate to have that heart love her for her final years. BIG (((((hug)))))

Carol Ann

aww lucky Fiona to have such a devoted mom in Nicole. There is no doubt that the years with her were the best of Fiona's life.


I am so sorry to read this news. Losing Fiona will leave a big hole in your heart. Take care.


sadly fiona will not be ok..she has run the long road with metastatic cancer, mostly ignoring it but not able to ignore it anymore...nicole is coming home to be with her at the end of her race. such a lucky girl..i remember where she and shrek (and taz) came from, the worst of the worst lives in LA...all of them very lucky dogs to end up in nicole's giant and gentle heart.

esther's bloodwork is back..looking a bit more into possible cushings..she will be confined for 24 hours starting tomorrow to measure her fluid intake.


oooh i hope fionas ok! and i refuse to lose esther so she better be fine too.