Rescue Journal

quick bytes

Carol  ·  Dec. 8, 2011

except no one was biting today...yay!

the vet came to see edith...she has a sore foot.

sad sam got moved back to the medical room...he like coco puff is a communal cat failure.

dinner tonight is...jello and tea with baileys ( i am not a drunk..i am out of milk)...i REALLY need to go grocery shopping.

marie and manny are settling...they both now like me a lot...good kisses, lot's of hugs, mr. christie peanut butter pirate cookies...whats not to like?

marie is playing with me...she likes that i think she is funny so she tries to be even funnier! she is doing headstands in the corner of the couch...i say...'You're funny!"..she playbows and barks back "Yes I am!"

manny mostly likes hugs from me but junebug got him creakily playing (he was trying to impress her with his spriteliness.) his foster mom came to see him today..the staff said he was really glad to see her but not distressed when she left.

so i guess this odd place is becoming home to both of them now....yay!

nicole lost fiona yesterday. she went straight from the airport to the clinic and held her while fiona was put down. i know that nicole is so very sad but i also know that fiona had such happiness and joy in her life for the past couple of years and that is what she left this earth with.

nicole is putting her grief aside and coming tomorrow for pugsley..i think she is a tiny bit worried if she doesn't that i might kill him. his newest moronic trick is to see himself in the window reflections at night and bark..continuously. he gets all of the dogs going, soon a howling fest is on and i lay in bed contemplating his slow and painful death (i don't get up cuz if i did i probably would do him in.) eventually they get bored with the chorus and just shut the hell up...til he sees himself in a window again.

anyway..i am pretty freaking tired tonight cuz i got very little sleep.

i don't mind them waking me up at night cuz they are new and scared or lonely...i don't mind getting up cuz they are sick or have to go pee...but i do mind getting woken up because someone is stupid.

i told him this morning...quit looking at the gawd damn windows!

one more shift, then i have a week is the last of my vacation days for this year..come 2012..i have 30 more!!



yes nicole, i too am so sorry. i remember when fiona and shrek came to saints. they were both so sweet and so deserving of the life you gave them. thankyou from all of us for being so good to your doggies, they are very lucky to have landed with you. so glad you could be with fiona at the end, it gives it much needed closure. rip fiona you were a beautiful girl. hope shrek is okay without her. and puglsy or should i say nigel, what can we say about him. i will miss his playfullness and lumbering around and his wet kisses. be good for nicole