Rescue Journal

todays updates

Carol  ·  Dec. 11, 2011

smokey is still on hold..will wait for the bloodwork to come back to see how over all he is doing and i will decide on a course of action tomorrow.

ollie got rushed down to the vets..he has bronchitis and is now on clavimox in addition to the zithromax that he has been on. hopefully between the 2 drugs, he will feel better soon.

big bambi was a bad dog today and went after maybe....maybe seems ok.

daisy is coughing alot for the past several days..i should get her rechecked, it might be more than just her collaspsing trachea bothering her.

all the dogs are back in now so i just finished to final walk around clean up as they all head off for their naps.

rule number 52 in rescue is...

you absolutely never ever walk past a pile of poop or a puddle of pee without cleaning it up..i don't want to look at it or step in it or smell it...the dogs and cats don't want to have to look at it or step in it or smell it or lay in it so you clean it up immediately.



i will let everyone know more about smokey as soon as i know any more...right now we are in waiting mode. i need more info. to make an informed and responsible decision for him so we are waiting for the blood work to come back. according to the vet..smokey is currently weak but he is not suffering..we have time to try to make the best decison for him without risking rushing and regretting any decisions made.

ewok is doing ok...she is missing her best buddy but not pining away.

Wendy Scott

Hi Carol,

I'm really worried about Smokey and am hoping for some feedback on him. I pray that he will recover, and that he will not suffer. I had a hard time working tonight with this bad news. Please pull through Smokey. I love you.

Bunny Horne

I'm looking forward to an update on Smokey, I LOVE this dog - he's a super barn buddy. He's one of the sweetest dogs ever.


I know big bambi is a good girl, but put in the wrong situation, she can be predictably unpredictable! I hope Maybe is really ok, since I was responsible for putting her at risk today, and I still feel really shitty about that. (I know "shit happens", but I prefer it not to be on my watch.) Smokey, we're all thinking of you too - such a sweet dog.


big bambi be a good girl, show brenda that you really are very good, just misunderstood. l0l hoping and praying for smokey. what will be will be.

Wendy Scott

omg Carol,
I just read the news on Smokey.What happened to him? You said the vet says he has a spleenic mass. What does this mean if it is benign? Smokey is a pretty strong dog. How is poor Ewok doing without him there.Please give me some information and what you plan. I,m praying for Smokey. Thank you Carol.