Rescue Journal

last call for hearts on noses pub night tickets???? (friday, dec 16th, haney public house in maple ridge.)

Carol  ·  Dec. 11, 2011

june must be missing her favorite pugs chew toy, she tried every physical contortion she could possibly manage to get the new shitz, trudi, to play with her and take his place. trudi was having nothing to do with it, she is a royal shitzness, not an amusement park. it was pretty funny..june kept trying to convince her that playing was fun...trudi was equally dedicated to teaching june that trying to play with princesses really was not all that much fun.

i finally seperated them cuz neither one was getting their point across to the other.

and here is another reason the dogs pretty much all really like me...i listen to them. i am no animal communicator...and i can't see deep into anyone's head. but i can understand certain things that they say to me because i care enough to pay attention to them.

benny has been desperate to get to go back out for the morning run. so yesterday morning, i thought his knee was strong enough for a brief one. off we went to the bottom field to be with everyone else. benny was so happy. we were down there for all of 5 minutes when benny decided it was time to go home, a bark, a look directly at me to say what he wanted and we started the walk back up the hill.

the secret to happily sharing equality of life with animals is simple...look, listen, know the animal well and then do what they want you to makes them happy cuz they were successful in communicating their need and you actually listened to them and did it. it makes them feel powerful inside..they advocated their need and you cared enough to listen.
...all creatures need to feel that someone can hear and understand them...otherwise they live in a world where they feel powerless and mute.

now what i really suck at is.....listening to people...i am forever turning the volume button done cuz i sometimes get overwhelmed with too much sound, it's why everyone has to keep reminding me about things....cuz i wasn't really...listening.

i have been kind of distracted for the past week...worried about a couple of pretty big things and a lack of

who exactly needs tickets for fridays hearts on noses pub night?

by my count...i have bunny and brent for four each for alison, maggie and lynne...shelia and leila said they would come too..i think...laura, tammy and mo are in too????...and with me...that makes 13 if i am correct. did i miss anyone or add someone who actually can't go?????

quick! tell me now...while i am actually listening at full volume!



Ryan I already spoke to carol, I have exams Monday, Tuesday and Friday so I will be working Wednesday and Thursday this week and isabelle will cover my Monday and friday shift.


Carol make sure you talk to renee about her schedule this week, i think she has exams monday thursday friday


i will take 2 tickets for the fundraiser and i will not be in at 900 this morning a little bit later. my son and family are driving through mission on their way home up north and are stopping by to say hello. i can not miss that. do not panic i will be there. lol