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Carol  ·  Dec. 12, 2011

it is janice's first far she had to soak a poop ball off one of the classy chickens butt, try to look into wilburs bleeding mouth (i think the dolt cut himself eating the siding off the barn...)

in the house...phoebe was a hag and bit trudi on the nose....and smokey is home.

don't anyone get their hopes up..still waiting for the bloodwork to come back but i figured he might as well hang out at home while we are waiting and i am figuring things out for him. anyway..there is a problem with this that i wasn't anticipating...smokey does not know who we are. i mean he doesn't know ANY of us...he has already tried to bite ewok when she rushed to welcome him home..he keeps sniffing me and everything else over and over, trying to figure out who the heck i am and where the heck is he. i will try feeding him good shit thru out the day and see if he de-stresses when his mind is on his mouth instead of everything else.
i am not sure why he is so confused and disoriented but he is...hopefully it is just temporary.

late afternoon update..

smokey's bloodwork is back..some blood loss noted so he probably does have a slow bleed going on periodically (these bleeds can be minor and intermittent until the big and final one hits) but when i told the vet about the confusion, he said it is probably related to his very low blood pressure when he came in and he probably had a small stroke at that time which has somewhat messed up his head. given this probable stroke..his surgical risk has increased. anyway the vet said to take a couple of days to see how he does and if he fully comes back to himself and then we could decide. but right now it looks to me like the deck is stacking up against a recovery for smokey.



what do you mean, a slow bleed? like smokey could potentially be a little big bud waiting to happen? but surgery could fix it? so the issue is whether he will live long enough to have it be worth it? holy fuck me what a decision. wendy, smokey has had a GREAT time at saints, he is loved by all of us, a favourite for sure.

Wendy Scott

Hi Carol,

I'm happy to hear Smokey is home. I think he is just pretty stressed. He used to get pretty agitated when he had to stay over at the vets for observation. He would constantly bark. Odd that he would try ad bit Ewok. It's a lot of changes for hum this year-losing his master to a seniors home and then the trauma we went through with me rescuing him that day from my brother van.He was trying all the vets to have him euthanized. It was horrible. I do not regret anything .
I know I did the right thing in saving him and Ewok from my cruel brother. I know that I can feel some comfort knowing that Smokey and Ewok are together, and in good , kind, caring hands. Life can be cruel, and I sometimes don't know what is the plan. I miss both the dogs immensely and love them . Carol I know you will make the right decision. Please keep me updated.
You know Carol, maybe Smokey when he was at the vets thought he was coming home to Dad's and was so confused when he arrived at Saints. Hopefully he comes around and settles back in. Take care.


:( i thought the constant sniffing was just because he was at the clinic and somewhere strange to him. I hope this changes Carol