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the problems with de-forestation...

Carol  ·  Dec. 12, 2011

when i was talkng about being a tree with deep roots anchoring me, it sounded like a good thing. who wouldn't want to entrust a homeless animal's happiness and wellbeing to someone who is consistently steadfast and strong enough to withstand life's various storms?

well that depends on each person involved current needs.

so when someone wants or needs rescue to be super strong, super responsible, super trustworthy, super caring, super honest and super ethical for the animals...those deep roots are super reassuring. but when for whatever reason, they suddenly need rescue to be super in tune to meeting a individual personal needs...(just this once mind you because they are special...) well..those roots suddenly become not just inconvenient but maybe even something evil and sinister.

yeah well ok..i get how perceptions can quickly mutate.

lets be blunt here...give me what i want and expect and you are amazing..but get in my way and now you are pissing me off and everything has changed. and those folks do not care about my very good reasons for needing to stay true to my roots which is to protect the animals at saints from a life without the benefit of deep roots.

it is those very roots folks that protects them, that stops them from living lives cast adrift in an ocean of humans. i make no judgements in rescue on the waves in life that that capsized the animals' previous boats..i am just making sure they are not capsized again.

statistics have shown that the average animal lives in at least 5 different homes in their lifetimes. someone should do a study on how many times actual rescued animals have been re-rescued. the re-rescuing could be from from folks who took them in and passed them on..either as actual rescue groups or joe public individuals. but these animals do live at risk for the rescue revolving door one door, out another, in some other door and back out again..over and over and over again.

and why is this?

mostly because we humans have a really bad habit of changing our minds.,,,today i want the very best for you but tomorrow i may well want what is best for me. and for some reason we are oblivious to this....i think. or maybe we are not so blind as we pretend..maybe that is why we re-write history to match our new reality about what we are wanting or needing today.

humans have got to be the least steadfast, least consistent species on the planet. we are like kids at a giant birthday party, running from one happy and fun seeking moment to the next. and when the party is over and it is time to clean up..we cry.

not because we are bad or lazy or spoiled rotten..we cry because we are tired, overwrought and overwhelmed at the mess we just we beg off with a splitting headache or a suddenly remembered responsibility that we absolutely must meet and go home and have a nap til the next party invitation arrives.

and someone else steps in to clean up the left over and left behind party lives and gives them a good and consistently strong and well built treehouse to live that won't eventually crap out on them.

but someone always tries to break into or remodel the treehouse to meet their personal current style ..some folks actually show up with chainsaws thinking the treehouse is an eye sore to them...since they did not build it themselves..(not that they have ever built a tree house before or have ever stuck their roots too far into the ground.)

but it always come from perceptions and perceptions change depending on our mood. one day the tree is beautiful and the next day it is blocking the view.

the tree faces the same risks as the animals it protects...except unlike animals which are easy to shift and move and out of sight..the tree is immovable with its very deep roots and a pain in the ass to even try to push around.

sigh..i wish your average pet owning public was more like a tree..then the animals would have a whole forest of trees to protect them...intead of just a few well built rescue treehouses scattered thru out our human mountain of upside down and ever changing life.



Hi Cathy. I live on Vancouver Island, I have volunteered for Cats Cradle Animal Rescue which is based in Victoria. They may be able to give you advice (not sure if they have any room right now or how they handle owner surrenders in a case like this) If you contact Joan Douglas at she might be able to help.


Yes I know families should take the responsibility but this gentleman does not have any children nor any family in Victoria where he lives. The only relative is an elderly sister who lives in Saskatchewan. I just thought someone might be able to suggest a place or know of a place. I will have to do some research and see what I can come up with.


My Aunt who is 90 recently became quite ill and is no longer able to live in her own home. My cousin has found a supported living facility but they will not allow her to have her 9 year old Cocker Spaniel.Eight weeks ago when this all started I offered to take Ebony but my cousin said no he didn't think Ebbie would be happy living in a house with so many other dogs( I have 6 dogs of my own)so she was left in the house all by herself only being let out twice a day. Last week I drove down to Kelowna to pick her up and bring her home, apparently no one wants poor Ebony. Ebony is HUGE probably at least 18 pounds overweight and has developed seperation anxiety because of the traumatic events. Her ears were so infected that they were swollen shut. We've been to the Vets twice now, her ears are improving and I think we are on the road to recovery. She has decided I am her person and is sticking to me like glue. It's been challenging trying to help her fit into our household and feel secure, she really is very sweet.It was always assumed my cousin would take the dog into his home, moral of the story, never assume anything. Life can change at the drop of the hat and you could have absolutly no control of what takes place. Have a plan in place, a very clear plan and make sure there is someone you trust that can carry it out. Old dogs/cats shouldn't be the responsibilty of Rescues like Saints thats what families are for.


I believe the dog I a speaking about is a senior dog and is receiving the best of care right now as I know my sister has taken the dog to the vet a couple of times for her neighbour. It is unfortunate that the man's wife died.

Bunny Horne

People really need to think about the long term ramifications of having an animal. A very senior gentleman in my condo complex received a puppy from his family a few years back. Now at that time the gentleman was barely mobile and it was an effort for him to take his wee slipper-dog out to do her business. Two years ago he deteriorated substantially and can barely get on his scooter and then it barely moves. I saw him and young dog last week and remember when Carol blogged about "the look" last week, well his dog gave me the look. And that look said HELP ME. She barely gets to walk, definitely doesn't get to run or socialize. He is so immobile it must take him 30 minutes to get from his suite to the elevator. And to make things worse he is one of those men that is really mean and rude so if I offered to walk his dog in the evening before bed so that she could get a good run and a poop not 2 inches from his scooter he would curse at me and tell me to get lost.
I see this is cruelty but the dog does get out to do her business and does get food. Seems like a waste of a young dog's life to me.


Perhaps this is not the right time to be asking this after I finished reading this latest post but does anyone know if there is a SAINTS type place anywhere on Vancouver Island? My sister is overseeing her next door neighbours care he receives from various caregivers, however, it is getting closer to the point where he may have to go into a home. He has a small dog who also happens to have diabetes so now I am worried what will happen to it if the move has to be made. Thanks.


People should have to jump through major hoops to have both children and animals.
Also, have you noticed the people who throw the greatest criticism always do it from the comfort of their home? Or need to have a hate on about something.
I always say spend some time volunteering to clean up litter boxes and the floors of incontinent dogs. Launder urine and feces soaked linen. Worry about money and make sure each animal is loved and snuggled. Keep your eye on each loved animals physical and emotional health.
Then I would be interested in listening to what they have to say.