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Carol  ·  Dec. 13, 2011

geez...poor bear, those incisions have to be sore...i feel so bad for him right now.

smokey was actually a tiny bit better at bedtime...he got up and came looking for a peanut butter pirate cookie so i got him one...and i got a tiny tail wag back! now he and ewok are sleeping next to my bed, side by side. he still seems a bit bewildered/unsure but not totally lost in space and he is walking around on his own so that is better than he has been up til now.

janice had some fun with the barn guys today..the cows mobbed her. she said she kept telling them but they totally ignored her. i said that the cows don't know the word no cuz i never use it with them. its not that they are ignorant, they know some you want an apple? are you hungry? you are a big sucky baby and you are such an oaf...they just don't actually know the word no.

ellie was sitting in her bed, looking pretty damn soon as janice filled up her water bowl, ellie picked it up and dumped it. i think ellie was just being helpful, making sure that janice felt welcome and needed. i asked her to please not do it again and she didn't cuz she is a very good pig.

the funniest one tho was when she told me she popped a tic tac into brad pitt's giant mouth, it was so tiny and his mouth is so big...he didn't know there was anything in there so janice gave him another. brad still didn't know he now had two and kept asking to please have some so janice poured out a handful and popped them all in his mouth..then he knew they were there and was happy!

he is sweet but not the brightest pig in the stye.

conan the barbarian cat is awake again...he has been lazily amusing himself and napping on the dryer, turning it on and off by pushing the buttons for the better part of two days. tonight he is bombing and dinking around causing trouble in the rest of the house again. i told him the dryer was missing him but he does not care.

june found a little stuffed winnie the pooh piglet that she is carrying around. when she bites it in a certain way, it plays music which confuses the heck out of her. she finally tucked it under her chin while she sleeps but when she shifts position it starts playing music again which wakes her up. she better hope mystic doesn't find it cuz if she does that pink piglet's music days are over for good.

well..since everyone is currently settled and sleeping..i guess i better follow suit and join them.

oh..and just a heads up warning to everyone...NEVER put that lakota sore joint cream on your sore knee and then rub your eye. it freaking well hurts like hell...i think i might now be partially blind.



Since one of the main ingredients in a lot of those analgesic creams is capsaicin (?) that is on par with chopping up hot peppers and touching your face.

Wendy Scott

Happy to hear Smokey is finally settling a little with Ewok beside him. They are such a pair. Sleep well and everyone get your rest. I hope that he is on the mend.