Rescue Journal's the other bed bastards.

Carol  ·  Dec. 13, 2011

i feel like i used to in the hospital when i had too many sick and needy patients..except dogs don't need call bells, they just cry and whine or simply look silently sad to make you jump high and fast.

first off...smokey is not good. i still don't think he knows too much about anything. he can get up and walk but he doesn't want to get up and walk (cuz who am i to ask that of him?.....just some no name busy body stranger.) so i have to leash him and drag him out into the yard cuz he absolutely is not going on his own.... once he is out he toddles around and pees and poops and sniffs every inch of ground in front of him. but...
bottom line..there is no joy in smokey yet..i am trying to be patient and give him a chance but...but the but is hanging over our heads.

bear is home..looks sort of like frankenstein right now...he is covered in some pretty long incisions..they took off any suspicious masses but left the obvious lipoma's alone.

manny and daisy went off to the vets today too...daisy because she is coughing so much (she has a collapsing trachea) and i was afraid i was ignoring it when maybe i shouldn't be. anyway..her lungs are clear, her heart sounds good so we think it is the collapsing trachea still. i have some new meds for her to try to break the cycle of coughing..the more she coughs the more she irritates the tissues and the more she needs to cough. if in a few days, she is still coughing a lot, she will go in for a chest xray.

manny also went in today...i had started him on meds last week when he came in until i could get him vet checked. today was the day for the vets to confirm the doses and appropriateness of his meds and they are ok....whew. we can start him on elavil which i was holding off until the vet said ok and he had some bloodwork done too. he came home and had a good bath (manny is bowel incontinent and has quite a few accidents.) so tonight he is over tired and a little bit anxious from having too much stuff that he doesn't like to deal with today.

anyway, i am trying to get him settled but when i let him out to pee..tess stole his bed. so i made him a nice bed right next to his favorite bed with tess on it...and benny stole it before manny had a chance to lay down. i then made him a bed in the computer room which bear promptly stole (but that's ok cuz i was going to make him a nice and comfy post op bed next.) so i tried to make a third one in the kitchen but then all of those bloody shitzu's grabbed it as well. while all of this musical bed shit is going on..manny is beside himself crying and wanting to lay down...his back legs give out..he sinks to the slippery floor and then he can't get up again without me lifting him up.

oh my freaking god you guys!! will you let the poor old crying and crippled and falling down fart have at least one comfy bed to lay down on!!!!!!!

in the end i made a grumbling and pissed off benny get up and come into the computer room...benny can sleep up on the couch..he is just trying to be uncooperatively bed difficult. manny finally has the second nice bed that i made him so he has stopped crying and fussing and falling down and driving me totally insane with his need. and poor bear is currently obliviously sound asleep on the cold hard floor because one poodle (marie) one shitzhead (may) and one garden gnome (papa john) shoved in and are sound asleep and curled up on his vacated post op bed.

dogs in general are selfish and greedy little bed bastards.


Wendy Scott

Carol, maybe you are right. I do love him and only want the best for him and all concerned. I only wish I could help you. If there is anything I can do let me know. I hope all the bed buddies are sleeping now.


Carol - I have eleven newsletters left. KO made 40 more because we were both short. I was planning on coming up to Saints tomorrow to cuddle the bunnies, but it will depend on how Peaches (my dog) is feeling. If not tomorrow, then Thursday, and I can bring the extra newsletters up with me. Hope that's not too late for you.


i am not sure this is a good idea wendy..i know you love him but one of two things will happen...either he actually will remember you and think you are here to take him home and this will be like lying to him cuz he won't be going home.... or he won't remember you either and then just be confused with more strangers around him that he thinks he doesn't know. in either are going to be upset at losing him again and he is going to feel your upset and worry even more about what is happening to him next.

anyway...i am not thinking about euth'ing him yet..we will see how he is tomorrow...hopefully he feels more like himself.


hey you have the extra xmas letters? i can't find them and need some.

Wendy Scott

This doesn't sound good for Smokey. It bothers me to know that he does not know anyone even Ewok his littermate from 13 years. I'm not sure if he is giving up. Carol, if he gets worse and you decide to take him in would you allow me to go to the vet with you? I hope and pray he will recover.


maggie, can you call me at 826 7287 re fri night. i did not realize it was coming up so fast and need to know where you live. also hiedi if you read this blog please also call me lost your phone no and need to give it to faresha, who has the dog w hos leg is amputated. if you have her no can you call her or else phone me with your no. thanks. sounds like a lot of bed hopping going on at your place carol or is it musical beds lol come on guys give manny a break after all he is the newbie.


Carol - I just got back from rushing my little dog to the vet (she started vomiting mid-afternoon and couldn't stop). This is the fourth dog in this area (Hatzic Lake) that has had the same symptoms. She's home and on meds, and hopefully will be O.K. Anyway, I was talking to Dr. Westendorf (Eagle Road vet)while I was down there, and we got talking about the bunnies. I mentioned the sniffles and coughing that Amber and Thumper both have, and he said it's a bronchial issue. He said it can be treated easily with Ammoxil (sp?). He said looking after bunnies is all about husbandry - they need enough room (no overcrowding) and cleanliness, and then they should stay disease free (I think our bunnies meet that criteria!) I also mentioned the turkey, and he said it's probably not a good idea to have the turkey in with the bunnies, as turkeys can get a certain disease (sorry, it's unpronounceable to me) that can be passed very easily to the bunnies. I realize we don't have other options for Crosby, and I doubt she has any diseases having been at Saints for so long. Anyway, just saying - a little free advice from the vet... Always looking out for the bunnies best interests!