Rescue Journal

good mornin'

Carol  ·  Dec. 15, 2011

i woke up early this is probably a good thing cuz on saturday i start back on early shifts which means a 5 am alarm....waking up at 5:30 today sort of eases me into it...not such a big shock!

my perfect day off wake up time is 7 am...if i sleep til 8, i feel dull and wasted..if i wake up at 6..i feel like i missed out on some extra sleep...but i do like that quiet time..just me and the animals before the rest of the world wakes is peaceful. the problem with hitting the perfect 7 am mark tho is two i have an aging bladder with a wake up time and mind of its own...and two i have a bunch of retired old dogs who wake up whenever they feel like it.

there is no rhyme or reason that i can figure out in how old dogs sleep....sometimes they are up really early after being up 3 and 4 times a night...sometimes they sleep late following an undisturbed can never predict how much sleep any of us are getting.

i will say tho that we have all slept better since pugsly moved over to nicoles! no more midnight forays into moronically barking at windows at all gawd awful hours of the night!

i don't miss you in the least dear pugs!

the last i heard from nicole, he was doing really well....and on so many different levels this makes me so glad.

and that is the thing about rescue...i don't regret for a second stepping up and helping him get to keep living and having the opportunity to move on to a wonderful life. and i don't even regret knowing and loving the big goof or even having him turn my life upside down. pugsley really is a very sweet and lovely and kind and fun dog. i don't regret the couple of thousand dollars he cost or the stress of adding that amount to our mountainous bills...i don't regret any of it at all....but i sure as shit am very glad he is now happily living at nicoles cuz he was just too freaking BIG and YOUNG (and occasionally stupid, like when he barks at his reflection in the windows) for here!

and here is the difference between the young and the old..of any species. the old know what they need and want..the young aren't so sure. the old are content with having enough..the young think they want and need it all..even if they are not sure what all of it actually is.

except for squirt. he is not so old but he is content with just what he thinks he needs. he likes my early morning, not in any hurry, risings..that is his time to come up in my lap for a snuggle, a roll around in my arms and some sweet tongue to nose kisses...squirt says...this is all that i really need...good friends and family who absolutely adore me.

love you little fuzzyman....and ahem dear one...i think you might also need a bath too?