Rescue Journal

chica was euthanized today.

Carol  ·  Dec. 16, 2011

the combination of an IBS flareup and bad kidneys was just too much for her. chica and suzie were lucky enough to be able to move into permanent foster care with laura..this last part of chica's life was filled with love, a real home and her very own family.

i know laura is heartbroken by this loss but the bottom line for all of us who choose to step up and give these aged and palliative animals a good and happy end of life....we take the heart break hits so they end their lives knowing they were valued and loved.

rest in peace chica-banana and keep an eye on your suzie and laura.




sorry for your loss, Chica was a cool little dog.. I always had a hard time remembering she was a she & not a he. Run free chica.. you will be missed

Carol Ann

So sorry Laura to hear about your loss. We go on cause there are so many more who need us.

Bunny Horne

So sorry for your loss, Laura, Chica was lucky to have your love, care and affection.


Laura, I'm sorry to hear about Chica. Thanks for your loving care for her, Susie, and all the rest of your crew. They're a lucky lot!


aww laura she was lucky to have you take her and suzie home, i am so sorry hope suzie is going to be okay without her friend. rip little bitty chica you had a great final home.


So sorry Laura, Chica was an amazing little dog and she will be greatly missed by us all. Give suzie a hug for me.


What a lucky little dog to end her life in a home - with love surrounding her - so sad to let them go, but so many more waiting to join your family - my condolences to Laura especially.