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not much to tell how about another Q&A?

Carol  ·  Dec. 17, 2011

i was out last night for heartsonnoses pub night, came home and went to i am leaving for work so haven't much to tell you.

if anyone has any questions about stuff lately or is wondering about something in can post it in the comments if you want and i will answer when i get home today.


elaine erickson

MERRY CHRISTMAS all you angels at saints.Saints you truelly are I hope you have a fantastic 2012.With plenty of health, wealth, and hapiness.All the best to you all

Barbara DeMott

Unfair question:
Do you know anyone (not you!!) who would like to foster or adopt a nine month old, neutered,house trained, crate trained, purebred black lab who is happy to live with small furries and loves everyone?

The woman working with my daughter had a loser boyfriend who simultaneously dumped her and the puppy on her. She is living in a small basement suite that does not take large pets. She is a responsible owner of small furries and (she was the one that neutered the dog this week). She is working on getting the dog adopted but may not be able to keep the dog until an appropriate adopter can be found. She was hoping to find a foster so the dog would not have to go to a shelter since he seems to be hang-up free so far. I offered to foster in the most dire circumstance but have a vacation planned so am wondering if there are lab puppy lovers out there??


Yeah we didn't make it to the finals in the aviva contest i believe we came 13th


Do you think you'll be able to continue with the little stories behind each animal, you know when you click on their photo? It's probably time consuming, but it's endearing to read their background, likes, dislikes and stats. Readers seem to get attached to different ones too, and it may help with sponsorship or donations. I used to keep Larry's page on my screen all the time, must've read his bio a million times! Your descriptions of all the animals' personalities are great, and really heartwarming to read - one of my favourite things!

p.s. have a Merry Christmas, hope you have time to relax!

Brenda S

Congratulations on getting up to 43 on the 1000 Saints Campaign! Impressive! Does anyone know how the Aviva contest went...are you in the finals?


Cheryl and Stef : My dog has had some liver damage from using metacam long term, HOWEVER she would be in pain without it. Its important to do blood work often to monitor kidney and liver function when on any pain relief, so you can notice changes right away.


how did you fix your question marks last time they turned into ÉÉÉ someone help me lol

cheryl and stef

question about prolonged use of meloxicam/medicam do not know if i have spelt this right?

Are there side effects of this medication after a prolonged period.