Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Dec. 18, 2011

some people should just be shot..this dog looks older and far more wrecked than our 15/16 and 17 yr olds...and he is only 5.

oh well that is all behind him now..i can guarentee him he will look and feel much better in a couple of weeks as we concentrate on his future, not his past.

his name is kody, he is a tiny husky..missing 3/4's of his hair with utterly horrible skin..he is a blind diabetic..he is a talker (and a complainer...but in a very cute way!) and he is absolutely and completely adorable! i think he is really going to like it here.

anyway..i better go give him his insulin..apparently he has not had any for several days. the emerg vet sent a starting insulin dose with him but i better book him in for a curve and overall bloodwork (he has pretty nasty skin...maybe cushings??) as soon as i can.

big thank you to the spca cruelty dept. (again!) for helping him and to kody's very kind personal transport staff too..that was a long drive at the end of the day!!!
welcome kody..we are all going to love you big time!!!



hi jo...go to the saints helping page and click on adopt that will guide you thru the process.

sorry renee..i keep forgetting..i will try to remember when i go over to do luckys insulin this morning.

no he is blind from the diabetes.


hes 5? was he born blind or is it from out of control diabetes? holy hell. what an important job the cruelty investigators have, saving lives.


Carol, I am very interested in adopting a dog. How can I contact you? Thanks.


Carol, if you haven't yet, can you write my check and I'll pick it up in the morning? Thanks :)