Rescue Journal

some days suck more than others...

Carol  ·  Dec. 18, 2011

this one pretty much sucked all around.

but if the honest truth be told...the reason today really sucked was because of me...i am busy, i am stressed, i have a lot of things going on both here and at work...sometimes i just want to get off the merry-go-round and call it a day.

it takes me awhile to figure out there is absolutely no point in getting my knickers all in a ticket on the merry-go-round still has quite a few go arounds left.

i am more settled tonight...the dogs and i shared the big thing of chinese food that brenda left for us..i was pleasantly surprized that all of them really liked broccoli so i didn't have to eat one single piece!
i aam waiting for a new dog to come in tonight..another profound medical neglect case..apparently he is quite a mess. nicole saw him in emerg tonight she says he is a hysterical big baby drama queen when she checked his blood pressure but pretty damn cute. i am hoping there won't be any problems with his past owners changing their minds....if they wanted to keep him they should have looked after him better and not let him get so messed up and sick.

one of bear's incisions is oozing...shit..the last thing he needs is an infection in there...mast cell tumours are so freaking touchy and surgery really pisses them off. i switched him to baytril tonight and will start warm compressing it..i need to phone the clinic tomorrow to get his own prescription cuz tonight i gave him one of manny's doses and manny needs all of his too.

edith is not really eating...she is just putting her face near her food and grinding her teeth. i did see her with a wisp of hay in her mouth tonight but that was probably a mistake on her part and it just went in there by accident. hopefully she will be eatting by morning cuz we are running out of time on this..ruminates cannot stop eating for long.

pest has fully found his appetite again..good point in starving yourself into fatty liver failure because you are unhappy...that for sure won't make you feel any better. it is smarter just to eat your fill and wait til things seem a bit less stressful.

manny was having some big issues with getting up and staying up earlier today but he is better now..i was able to get him to walk out on my lunch break for a pee and again when i came home tonight.

thank god i am finished with those gawd awful early shifts...tomorrow i start on regular days so i can sleep in til 6.

please do not let this new dog be a problem child...we are so full, we need him to be a really good dog.

hmm..i wonder if i have time for a hot bath before he gets here?......big sigh...probably not.



Anne asked me about a box she found but it was empty. It was around Pest's kennel I think.

Wendy Scott

Thanks Carol for the update on Smokey.Happy to hear he is back on his feet with the barn buddies.


thx caylee! you didn't by any chance come across sunny's tetracycline eye ointment anywhere back in the cat rooms today did you? ryan can't remember where he put it.


Hey Carol, I dropped off the cyclosporin and clindamycin for Bruiser. I didn't know there was clindamycin for him until i picked up the eye drops this morning. Cyclosporin is in the fridge and the clindamycin is in the drug basket. I hope tomorrow goes better.