Rescue Journal

dixie chick is finally at peace.

Carol  ·  Dec. 21, 2011


i was wrong about her years with me..i went back and looked...she was just 9 yrs old. i suspect in being able to look closely at her once she was sedated that dix was an untreated hyperthyroid cat whose kidneys finally burned out. the vet said her breath smelled like a kidney cat and she wasn't able to palpate her kidneys because they were so small.

in any case, i find it interesting that dixie crashed on the day after that sunny was locked in a cage away from her. when ogidie died, she transferred her neediness for security and company to sunny and suddenly sunny was gone. i think dix has been sick and coasting for a very long time and she simply finally ran out of coasting room.

i will always carry a ton of regret about loving and living with this little feral cat...i just hope she doesn't regret living with me.

i hope you find ogidie waiting for you on the other in peace now sweet and wild dixie.



Dixie was always a free spirit & now she & Ogidie are together again . RIP wild one, you will be missed.


I don't think Dixie regretted living with you Carol because how many humans would have given her the freedom to be her. She was a well loved cat.


what a beauty. never got to see her up close as skhe was always on; the run. rip dixie, ditto to all the above comments. you were warm loved well fed and treated with respect.

Carol Ann

so sorry for your loss carol but she was indeed safe and warm and well fed, respected and loved.

Bunny Horne

Carol, I'm sorry for your loss. Sometimes it's harder to lose an elusive love because you are never sure they really knew how much you did love them. I agree with Lory, she knew she you loved her and that she was safe, warm and fed.


Even if she was unable to accept your love on one level, she knew she was safe and fed and warm. For a feral cat, that must be heaven. You may have regrets but I bet she didn't. Be kind to yourself.