Rescue Journal

just the quick updates

Carol  ·  Dec. 22, 2011

(i don't feel like posting much tonight.)

edith is much better..she is now eating organic greens, peanut butter sandwiches, oatmeal cookies, captain crunch cereal and horse sweet feed. we are giving her half doses of metacam twice a day and that is keeping her comfortable for the full 24 hours. janice is doing an excellent job on nursing her (and loving her!) and expanding her diet. she took her out in the field for an hour today and edith grazed and enjoyed the sunshine. so edith is probably palliative cuz none of this can fix her ancient old age but she is enjoying herself quite a bit right now and that is what matters the most.

manny is having a real hard time getting up again..last night for the first time i was unable to lift him at all. ryan was able to get him up and out to the yard today so that was good.

pest has settled in...he is now allowed short forays loose in the cat room but until i see him coming in and out of the cat run on his own and eating out of the communal food bowls i want him re-caged at night to make sure that he eats.

cliff had his mouth surgery today..i picked him up from the vets at the end of the day. he looks pretty sore and wobbly still so i put him in sad sam's vacated pen for the night.

sad sam has moved to laura's house as a foster...he is doing really well and is stretched out purring on the bed...he really needed a home again.

it looks like one of bears tumors is already growing back...i am quite concerned about that.

i think everyone else is ok...but after the past 24 hours i am not really sure anymore that anyone is really ok.


Bunny Horne

Carol and KO - I just got a Panettone from a coworker so I will bring it on Sunday with hot chocolate for the barn crew.


I will, quite selfishly, miss sneaking in for a 'sad sam cuddle' after barn duty. That is one lovely cat. Glad he has a home..


Carol I'm sorry but I need to take today off. I will be in on Monday I am sure. Merry Christmas to you and all the other Saints!

cathie k

Carol..My heart is weeping from Dixie Chick's death.. Thank you for giving us the chance to rescue both her and all the Boston Bar Babies.We spent HOURS!!trying with her..Maybe they all had something wrong with them.Alfie,Clarence(like Dixie)Oscar Wilde(Heart),Sharla(Hiding who knows what)They both still are Feral in nature..YOU did all she would let you..Don't beat yourself up..Frodo..Shit!! He was a traveler,Liked to sit on Johns car..always checked the car when we left.. Plus neither one of us was ever got by him,gentle sweet cat,(I always fed him any amount he asked for)HE was our barn cat(sitting on the stall doors bathing )Waiting at the window of rabbit room nose marking the spot OUT!!please.. Now they both are free to travel.Lots of death around Jean's Charley has died.. Someone..SHUT the Door.Cathie


Great news for Sam. He is such a sweet cat. All he needed to come out of his shell was his very own home again.
Congrats Laura.