Rescue Journal

back to work tomorrow and i am not ready, i need at least one more day off!

Carol  ·  Dec. 23, 2011

last day off and i didn't get a lot of the REALLY important stuff up the barn feed to last over the getting to the insurence company cuz saints insurences are out to deroche to see dixie (the horse) and take her an apple and a clean winter coat.

shit. least i did make it to the accountants cuz they are closed all of next week and i needed the payroll stuff done. and i had to pay off a couple of vet debts that foster families had been accumulating which kind of pissed me off (foster families are required to use our vets...not their own because our vets are kind to us and their vets are not) i did reinforce this and it is the last time i hope.

we had a small xmas party witth the staff today...just some pizza and treats. today was also dionne's last day with us which is a huge loss to saints.

what i did do was a lot of running back and forth to maple ridge...benny went in this morning for xrays and had to be picked up at the end of the day. odie went down to the maple ridge spca for a final closure visit with his family. i wasn't too keen on this but in the spirit of cooperation, i said ok. and quite frankly i am glad i did. i was worried that it was going to mess up odie's head to be with his family again and then taken away and maybe it did a bit. but..i am glad that i got to meet them and that the kids especially had a chance to see that he was really ok. i hope it gives them some sense of peace knowing where he is, how he is and that someone really does care about him. it is hard for kids who love their animals to be powerless to keep them safe and well in a complicated adult world. been there, did that as a kid and i hated it and i still worry about what happened to my friends that i lost.

anyway..odie is currently having a fussing fit...i was feeding them all pizza in the kitchen and odie started getting growly so i moved him and his pizza behind the laundry room gate. said pizza is now gone and he wants back out into the pizza kitchen but since i am starting feeding and meds, he needs to stay where he is. here is the thing about husky's..they do not take thwarting with silent dignity...i should either go let him out right this second or feed him more god damn pizza if he has to stay where he is...yeah ok..i will in a minute or two....husky's are so determined to get their own way, there is no point in even trying to argue...he can have another piece of pizza fer chrissakes! stuff to do and i have to be up before 5 so i need to get to bed early. there is quite a bit of left over laundry today which i am not going to get thru (cuz i have to do at least two loads of my own to make it thru this work week) so my apologies to the saturday morning crew.
i will see everyone on my lunch break (assuming work doesn't get too crazy or nutz.)



If anyone is handy with a hammer tommorrow can you please take a look at the hay/feed stations in the field area that butts up to Wilber and Charlotte's house and the one opposite it as there are nails pushing threw all the way down where the studs were missed. One of the horses came in with a pricked bloody nose .

Don't forget Edith in the shop ;o))


Carol, don't stress about the laundry. Leave it for tomorrow and it will all disappear!
Have a bath and an early night with the bed buddies.