Rescue Journal

thank you to all of the santas out there...

Carol  ·  Dec. 24, 2011

who brought baking and penguin slippers and orthopedic croc's for my sore feet and knees, and baileys and baileys and comfy pj pants!

so here is xmas eve at the house at pooh corner..except tonight it wasn't so much pooh as it was a lot of pee! i stripped my bedroom and bed and tossed in a load of bedroom laundry..i didn't get into the house til 7 and the bladders around here just couldn't wait.

laura kindly put the barn guys to bed for me so when i got home we actually had time to go out and see dixie and give her her xmas presents. she is the only saints animal i bought anything for except treats..A. because she is stuck at boarding school for the holidays and B. because she needed a few things. we only had one coat that fit her here and it was getting pretty freakingly disgustingly dirty and i couldn't remember which halter and lead rope were hers at the stable cuz i didn't really pay attention to what i sent her out with. so for xmas she got a pretty snazzy new coat and a matching halter and lead rope. she looked absolutely stunning in her new xmas attire but she didn't really care that much, she was quite disappointed (and kept reminding me of her disappointment) that i had forgotten her apples. ooops sorry babe!

anyway, i am really glad i got to see her today cuz otherwise i wouldn't have seen her til later in the week and i wanted her to know that she is well loved and missed at xmas..and i wanted to get her other coat off her and wash it!

tess was busy remaking her bed in the kitchen...odie wasn't too sure what she was doing but he thought it was fun. so he decided to try to hump her which totally offended tess so she left her half made bed in the middle of the floor and went and sulked in odie's bed instead. odie being blind and a self centered northern dog was completely oblivious to her hurt feelings. i gave tess some lemon cake to cheer her up.

papa john is full of beans tonight...he was the worst of the pests while i was trying to remake my bed. mystic was a close second as she grabbed pillows and sheets and tried to make off with them but at least she stopped when i told her too..papa john just did more flip flops instead.

i totally screwed up this morning and showed up an hour and a half early for work. apparently i am not on the early shift so at least tomorrow i can sleep in til 6.

i hope everyone has a good day here tomorrow..not sure if i will get home for lunch before you all go.

but a very merry christmas to everyone and thank you so much for looking after a bunch of old and sick and just plain weird, (but sweet) homeless animals on the biggest holiday of the year!!!!



so sorry wendy, but your doggies are doing very well, smokey is just so sweet and back to being smokey. ewok likes being in the bedroom, he is not the barndog like smokey. each to their own. no it does not take the pain away about your dad, does not matter their age they are still our parents and very special.


i am so sorry wendy that your dad is not well. our parents are our parents and when they are sick, we feel like little kids again inside because we are never old enough not to need them. take care.


For whoever is there Christmas morning, I'm bringing a few goodies (hopefully enough so the staff can get some on Boxing Day) Merry Christmas everyone.

Wendy Scott

Merry Christmas to you all at Saints . Thank you for all the good work and dedication. This year has been the hardest, losing my Dad to a care facility and not being able to see smokey or Ewok. Right now my dad is fighting for his life. He has two infections and now his lungs are packing it in. He is a very strong man and a fighter. I have a bad feeling this time and hope and pray he can make it. I love him and find it hard to watch him suffer. This is so hard as I feel there is no justice in the way the cards are dealt. I know everyone says, oh he is 93, he's had a good life. It doesn't take the pain away.


Carol, we've got a Hickory Farm basket for you and a cheque from my rug donation. We will leave it in suite in the shop if that's okay with you so it doesn't go astray.
Have a very merry Christmas.


yes, merry christmas to all. have a great christmas carol and a great dinner with your family and with annabelle. i have some more pizza for the dogs am coming at 800 hope that is okay will not let the dogs out but i have to be home by 1100 to cook dinner.

jamie bryk

Carol, a very merry christmas to you and your wonderfull family of four legs, you all are truly blessed to have each other.


Merry Christmas Carol and to all the SAINTS and freinds of our beloved aniamls.