Rescue Journal

too old to wake up up this early.

Carol  ·  Dec. 24, 2011

remind me to explain the value of real estate to odie. i left him closed into the primo laundry area on one of the biggest and softest beds, with a fleece covering his hairless body and a pillow for his head.

this morning i find the gate wide open and odie sleeping on the kitchen floor and a bunch of very comfy shitzheads sleeping in his bed.

odie..the closed gate last night was not so much to keep you in..but to keep certain bed thieves out! gates here at saints can be your very best (bedtime) friend.

apparently i am stuck at the desk again this weekend at work solving everyone's problems...this is almost guaranteed to put me into a not so great mood. it really is not fair to make someone who got up at 5 am responsible for problem should be the nurse who slept in til 0730...her brain cells are more rested.

oh..and the current remote control challenge score is...

mystic 10
carol 0

i am getting beaten so badlly now i do wonder if i should quit keeping score. luckily i had a spare remote ready and waiting in my dresser drawer.

ok..gotta get dressed do a few meds and the the barn folks...edith can be walked out to the field for an hour or two with a collar and leash but please put her back into the shop before you leave this afternoon. thx!


Bunny Horne

Carol, I am donating $100 from my Toronto Argo rug project to Saints Rescue. I will bring the cheque with me tomorrow.