Rescue Journal

like any was up and down.

Carol  ·  Dec. 25, 2011

black bart is not well...not sure what is up with him, but i don't think it is good. he is eating and drinking but does have blood in his stool.

mango has an eye infection so i started him on meds...note to staff...zithromax daily and tetracycline eye cream to both eyes please. i also started granny on some eye meds..her eyes are always weepy but they are more weepy than usual.

pops was the big one today...i had a really hard time getting him into the barn. he was obviously in a great deal of pain and VERY slow and cautious. it took over half an hour for him to make it in, one slow and painful step at a time. i gave him a bigger dose of bute and just checked him and he seems a bit more relaxed than he was. i will call the vets when they open again and ask them to please come and check him.

i spent an hour playing with annabelle today so that was great, i am happy to report that she continues to be the cutest and sweetest baby in the whole entire world. today she said "bye gramma!" and was playing with her new little kitchen, cutting little wooden loaves of bread!

it was great having dinner with the family and the big news of the day is...jenn and jivan are finally engaged! i got all weepy eyed i was so happy for both of them!

well i have done the coming home late clean up and now i better do the meds...i already know work tomorrow is going to be ugly cuz i did the schedule so i better be early to bed.


Ann C

Congratulations Jenn, when's the big day? Hope Pops is feeing better today.

Bunny Horne

Pops was really slow at leaving the barn yesterday morning. Took KO and I a very long time to get him out, but then he did make his way down to the loafing shed. We made sure he had hay outside the shed so he could eat. He also ate a few oatmeal cookies.