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nightly news

Carol  ·  Dec. 26, 2011

i had to stop and pick up milk and some more greens for edith so i got myself some cheese curd for dinner...(shut up! it is easy and filling..pop the top and eat a chunk of cheese!) the problem is of course i gave half of my alloted dinner amount to the dogs so i am still hungry!

i am totally bagged so in 8 minutes i am putting the mp bldg to bed, having a hot bath, doing the rest of the diabetics and meds and then hitting my own bed.
janice said pops is better today so i don't need to call the vet out. he missed a couple of doses of pain meds on the weekend cuz i forgot to update his med list for others but now that he is back on them, he is feeling a little better. it is however a very fine line for him between feeling decent and pretty bad pain and it looks like the bute is the only thing between quality of life and suffering so i need to be especially aware that one day, the meds might not work so great for him anymore.

edith is doing well.
i will call about getting bart in for a check up and bloodwork tomorrow.
odie is laying by my feet hoping i might eat more cheese curd and papa john is hoping right along at his side.

manny is still not doing too well...i think his time for enjoying life might be short.
smokey is back to his old happy self so we will just wait and see how long it lasts, hopefully for quite a while more.

once pest has his felv/fiv testing, he is ready to be set loose in the communal cat room. he has done so much better than i thought he would, he is a very emotionally stable and wise cat.

i think that is all the news for today and i better get my stuff done so i can collapse.



manny is such a sweet dog. it really sucks that he has such trouble with the getting up and down and his size makes it all the harder.

Lori Paul

So happy to hear that Pest is adjusting, thanks for all your efforts on his behalf Carol...I knew he was a little beauty the first time we met but I was worried about his ability to co-exist with other cats since as far as I know, he's been an only cat his entire life. Here's hoping his tests come back negative :)

Bunny Horne

Carol, did you get the stuff from the suite in the shop, there's some crackers and cheese and baby stuff and your donation.
Glad that Pops is feeling a little bit better.


I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Bart, he definitely wasn't himself this weekend. My thoughts are with him

On a good note Sugar is feeling much better! I took her to the emergency on xmas eve cause I thought her eye looked a little pink and if it was glaucoma I needed to catch it right away and not wait 4 fricken days til vets open again. She wasn't wagging her tail (super weird for her) and had no energy. Turns out she had an infection, got antibiotics and she's back to her old, happy self :)