Rescue Journal

you know what's not fair?

Carol  ·  Dec. 26, 2011

i go to bed at night looking like me, and upon waking up in the morning i see some old and crazy scary looking worn out freak. this does not happen to the animals..the dogs go to bed and wake up looking the same and so do the cats, the cows, the ducks and the pigs. even the poodles look just like themselves when they finally open their eyes so it has nothing to do with weird sticky up hair. i don't think it is just me. i think most humans do not look so great immediately upon why do the animals look fine?

this morning, this bugs me.

and i think animals rest themselves better in sleep than we do...they sure as hell look better rested in the mornings than i why is that too?

my car stinks cuz i still have dixie's dirty horse blanket in it. i tentatively asked my ex last night if i could wash it in his over sized front loader machine (that i freaking well bought with my income tax cheque when we were still together.) and he said cheerfully...absolutely, not on your life, no way jose. which would be fine if he actually said no cuz he knew why he was saying no but since he has never even seen a horse blanket in his entire life, he just said no not even knowing why he should say no..he just figured if i wanted to stick a horse blanket in his machine, there was probably a reason i wasn't using one of my own machines...which is true..i don't have a big over sized washer machine in my car.

and this would be why we are no longer together...he pretty much says no to everything without any thought or regrets...and i usually say yes almost all the time about almost everything...and yes sometimes i do end up with hard lived regrets. oh well, whatever....i do remember..he never looked so great first thing in the morning either so it has nothing to do with being a yes or no person...i think humans are just born to look ridicuously bad first thing in the mornings.

whoever invented mirrrors was an idiot..ignorance when you finally wake up and drag your sorry ass out of bed to face another hard day is a blessing..that's why the animals look so good cuz they live free from the worry of personal vanity and consequently they end up looking like themselves 24 hours a day.

benny would never waste his time donning lipstick and eye shadow and baggy eye cover up to start his day...oh right neither do how come he looks so great au natural and i look like shit?

whatever..i better wash my face and brush my teeth and hair and lift 120 pound manny to his feet so he can go out and pee and poke the diabetics and let the fussing blind odie baby out for his pee and poop about and go to work....with the stinky horse blanket still in my car....cuz i ain't carrying it out to the shop with my work clothes on.

oh freaking yay.



yeah it sucks. and as the day wears on, for me it does not get any better. lol what happened i used to look okay when i got out of bed, but now, it is the baggy eyes, the hair that looks like a hurricane has struck and the just shitty overall look. crap.


Would Pops benefit from leg-warmers?
I would be most pleased to provide them for him if you think they might help.