Rescue Journal

another day, another has been really busy this holiday weekend and today was still pretty damn busy too!

Carol  ·  Dec. 27, 2011

so today we hit zero balance day on all vet bills!!! there is still a bunch of stuff that is currently or soon to be due that hasn't been paid the SAINTS insurences, the receiver general...payroll. BUT the vet bills are finallly all up to date and paid for. anyway..thank you everyone who helped us reach this goal!!!!

in celebration i was sharing the second half of my cheese curd dinner with some of the dogs. odie has an interesting blind way of participating. i guess since he feels at a disadvantage not being able to actually see the food.....he figured he would try licking my elbow politely to get it to bend his way and when that didn't work he went for the more direct approach and the front half of him landed up on my lap!

i messed up on my days off this week..i thought i was off for thurs and fri but am actually off wed and thurs..tomorrow i will be really happy about this but on friday i probably won't be so happy.

i dropped bart off at the vets on my lunch break and picked him up at the end of the day. they did bloodwork, a stool spec and i forgot to ask but i am sure they took a urine spec too...he is running a 105 fever so they gave him a depocillin injection too. when everything comes back tomorrow, hopefully we will know what is up and what to give him to fix it.

that is all the news i know of so far although i am sure something more may hit my brain as it relaxes into days off mode a bit later tonight.



I hope Bart will be okay, he looked like shit on the weekend.
On another note, you certainly have interesting eating habits. Even I never had cheese curds for dinner.