Rescue Journal

geez! what a balls up, gross wet day in rescue.

Carol  ·  Dec. 28, 2011

multiple vet calls...
pest had his appointment at 830 and did test negative to both felv and fiv.

bear did have his sutures out at noon and he still has an infection in the back is better but not completely gone yet so he is switched up to baytril.

odie has a pyoderma (deep skin infection) that just is starting today so i got him in and started on antibiotics too..while he was there we checked his blood sugars which are still high so we upped his insulin dose too.

black bart went back in this afternoon..his bloodwork showed mostly infection so he went in for a convenia injection, some more sc fluids and he also got some flagyl to start.

the farm vets came out today too...
edith is much better but probably will not return to the barns..looks like we have a permanent little shop goat for now. the vets said just to keep treating her palliatively..she is doing well with it..for now at least.

pete is not well today so they had a look at him too. he is running a fever so he had some antibiotics too. we are to watch him for a possible bladder infection because apparently goats can obstruct just like cats do..if he is heading that way they will do emergency surgery to open his urethra up again.

they also checked out pops and we had the quality of life discussion..the vet said i am right, he is not doing as well as he was. we are going to try to shift up his pain meds for the next week or so and see what kind of results pops feels. if he is not feeling better then we should look at putting him down. i do not want to think about that yet.

so much for zero vet account balances..that lasted 24 freaking hours. i don't even want to think what we racked up today!

it was pissing down rain today..the animals got soaking wet and so did all of us.

i spent between vet times in the shop with odie, benny, buddy and daphne. benny and buddy mostly slept..daphne and odie dug around in stuff and played with the toys they found.

odie is kind of a bad dog...when i was out today i shut him up in the laundry room and clipped the gate with a leash cuz he has figured out how to unlatch the gate. when i got home the gate was still clipped but he had chewed the brand new leash in half. then while i am typing this, he is digging around the desk, trying to pull the computer tower out of the way so he can get whatever he thinks is hiding behind it. i told him to stop, and like any respectable northern dog, he totally ignored me. so i tugged gently on his tail to get his attention (which it did)..and said...look here captain kirk (his new nickname cuz he insists on navigating when we are in the car)..if you will knock it off, i will give you a shortbread cookie. he agreed so i gave him the cookie and when he decided there were no more to be had...he went right back to trying to dig out the computer cables.

i will tell you what he totally hates which i think is quite funny....june's tail. she is forever whapping him in the face with it and being blind, he can't see it coming so he gets whapped and winces, like someone just hit him and then he realizes it is that god damn tail again so he snarls at it and tells it to piss off. this makes june even more determined to cheer him up and make him like her again so her tail goes faster and he gets whapped even more til he finally in total disgust moves out of the way.

anyway..i quite like this dog..he has a ton of personality and he is a big baby husky drama queen which i do think is pretty damn funny. and what i like best of all is...he has a sense of humour..he knows exactly what he is doing and he likes that i fully know what he is doing and appreaciate the humour of it. i think all northern dogs want us to recognise their makes their bad-ness even more fun.



I am devastated by the news about Pops. It simply intensifies my complete and ongoing RAGE that this was inflicted upon him by a stupid/uncaring human.
I thought I read that he was doing better... chasing someone accross the paddock for TimBits. Could this be arthritis which has been exacerbated by the onset of cold winter? or is this a deterioration of the problems inflicted by the above referenced stupid human?

Lori Paul

We at Spiderlodge are very happy for Pest! hoping that he finds his new life less of a worry and a bit more interesting, as he adapts. I also hope he makes a kitty friend or two, that would be so sweet :)