Rescue Journal

i am afraid we may be losing pops.

Carol  ·  Dec. 29, 2011

bru did ok with his surgeries today...only 5 extractions but the cyst was apparently very large so he has quite a big incision on his back hip. he was still pretty out of it at the end of the day so he is spending the night at the clinic and i will pick him up tomorrow on my lunch break.

maybe's eye is healing well...we are to continue with 4 times a day antibiotic eye drops followed by the tear gel 10 minutes later. the vets want to see her again in a week to reassess the healing.

esther was taken into the vets today, she had quite a lot of blood in her urine. she had a urine spec and bloodwork done and is started on antibiotics while we wait for the test results.

both she amd maybe really enjoyed their stop over at mcdonalds on the way home. maybe ate half a cheeseburger cuz she is tiny and esther had a cheeseburger and maybe's other half cuz she is big.

black bart is still in a cage, he looks a bit perkier tonight so i think his double antibiotics are maybe starting to kick in. thankfully he has kept his appetite and is chowing down on his second can of food today.

pops is not good. he is down in his stall and in a lot of pain tonight. i called the vets and i am pretty sure that unless he is remarkably better tomorrow, that we will have to euthanize. the vet said to go ahead and give him another whopping dose of pain meds tonight and see if that helps him be more comfortable. i will check him until i think he is feeling better and if we don't get there, i will call again for an emergency visit to give him something stronger to last him thru out the night.

i am not willing to risk pops going thru a week of unremitting agony in the hopes of some not possible miracle. we cannot fix his foot and his leg...5 different vets have seen him and all had the same opinion...keep going with him while he is feeling good and let him go when suffering begins and life becomes a burden to him.

janice told me today the cows surrounded pops while he laid out in the field. percy stood with his head down touching noses with him and emily stood with her head held lightly upon his hip. she said pops was not worried or distressed that they were so close with him and they were obviously carefully comforting him. those cows are the most compassionate of creatures..they know pops is not well and they care.

i am hoping for an overnight miracle but it may not come and if it doesn't, i want pops to be free.



ah damn............I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sorry Pops. The world has been your hell and despite the wonderful place you are in now, that you still have to feel pain. I pray for a Miracle for you and am saddened that I never got to meet you.

I am also angry beyond belief as to wondering why is it that such great animals can suffer years & years - their entire life time in horible conditions, neglected, isolated & in pain and then when they finally get into rescue, they don't stay long and thus only begin to sample so much of what they deserved in this life. They live in hell forever and leave us so quick.
I always struggle with this and it is another one of the reasons rescue sucks so bad sometimes.
Please Pops do well and be pain free.

jamie bryk

Carol my heart aches for you & everyone at Saints. Pops was well loved and a happy old soul, he soaked up all his time spent with you and his "family". Carol your home is properly named Saints as this is what you all are. You are truly blessed!


Ditto on what Erin and Bunny said! Pops is very special and ended up in a very special place!


Pops looked so beautufl laying there , and Emily with her eyes closed and so tenderly holding her face into him. Percy giving esksimo kisses .. I will never forget it and i had a good cry after talkign to Carol and again now as i write this.
I hope the pain meds have kicked in big time now and he is resting comfortibley - such a warrior that little horse.

Bunny Horne

Carol, we know that you will do what is right for Pops. Thanks to you Pops had the opportunity to enjoy the last of his life in a comfortable environment, with good food, proper medical care and most of all surrounded by humans and animals who adored him.
Remember his early days at Saints when he cried out for companionship and how you had to make changes to his stall so he could be close to the other horses. He had some good days at SAINTS and we all LOVE him so much.


I will pray that he gets better. Carol my heart aches for you, I am so sorry you have to go through this. Pops is a success story because of you. I will always know what amazing inspiration you have brought to me because of what you do. Hang in there, Pops knows youl love him. xo


Oh, Pops.... I hope the pain meds kick in for him, big time. He is such a gentle soul. Regardless of the outcome, at least he has known love and care and has become a member of a herd again. God bless you, Pops.

PS Aren't cows amazing creatures?


that horse deserves peace and comfort, in whatever form that comes in. man o man how sorry i am.

colleen b

My heart breaks for Pops, but whatever tonight brings I wish for him to find comfort by morning.


Oh yah I forgot to mention...I can only imagine what Janice saw with the cows and Pops. Reminds me of when elephants loose a family memember,they all surround it and try to comfort each other.