Rescue Journal

i better do a quick update on the other not so feeling great animals tonight...

Carol  ·  Dec. 30, 2011

tristie is in at the vets..she stopped eating and seems to have some kind of painful throat irritation going on.

esthers bloodwork and urinalysis is back...looks like cushings disease so i will book her in next week for stim testing.

bruiser is home, that is a big and nasty looking incision but he doesn't seem to care about it too much.

black bart is still not perking up as much as i would like him too but he seems to be holding his own.

manny is not doing great, i think his time is getting close, i need to have the difficult discussion with his foster mom.

pops has been resting quietly, laying down in his stall...i will check him frequently so please try not to worry too much..for now he is comfortable and ok and if anything changes i will post an update.

10 pm update..pops is good...he was up earlier having a poop and then some more of his hay. he just easily got up again now when i gave him his next set of meds so i am sure they will last him comfortably until the next dose. i gave him an apple and finally turned off the barn light so they can all sleep undisturbed for the rest of the night.

it really is too bad he can't have these high doses long term, they are working quite well....the normal daily 24 hour dose is 10 units and by 6 am at 20 hrs, he will have had 40 units...but it is giving him a comfortable last night.

i am glad he is feeling ok tonight.



So very sorry to hear Pop's is not doing so well but trust you are doing so right by him.

I cannot help but think of the end of life he would had had he not been rescued by Saints. Alone, so alone and suffering.

You did good Carol and all of those who loved him. He will leave this earth feeling very loved and with all that could have humanely done for him.

He will leave this earth loved. It doesn't get better than that does it?

So sorry for your loss Carol and for all the Saints that loved him. So sad he cannot have been with you longer.


Hope they all are better soon. Andi hope all is well with Tristie, she is sweet.


I commend you Carol on making such tough arrangements for tomorrow. I have never had to say good bye that way to a horse, though mine is in his twenties and will have to one day. I hope all goes as well as can be. Take care Carol. I will be thinking of you.


I have had to say goodbye to many animals, but never a horse. My horse is in his twenties, so his day will come. I cant imagine having to make the arrangements that have been made for Pops. I commend you Carol and hope tomorrow goes as smoothly as it can under the circumstances.