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remembered forever

Carol  ·  Jan. 1, 2012

after pops had passed, i kept looking at him and thinking, he was so little to have had to carry such a huge burden of difficult living for so long in his life. where did he find the strength in that small, frail body to carry such a load?

he didn't seem so tiny to me when he was alive, he seemed big..i don't mean physically big...but somehow solid and strong.

i felt bad yesterday morning cuz i made him get up and move out of his stall, he had to get at least to the clear open barn hallway before he went down. he did it and he came out further to the farm yard on his own. and he went as far as the first pile of hay which he munched down on.

even on his last day of life, a human made demands upon him. it totally sucked. but pops being pops, did it in his own time and went as far as he wanted to so maybe it was ok.

over and over we all said the same thing..thank god pops didn't die all alone in a field somewhere...he had 9 months of friends, companionship and kind, gentle care. maybe 9 months is nothing in a life spanning 30 plus years but i think pops would have been glad to end his life here, with this...then with nothing, there.

and really...pops is what saints is all about...a place to finish ones life surrounded by love and good care.

what is truly amazing to me tho is did one little forgotten horse at the end of a long and forgotten life, end up touching the hearts of so many of us?

maybe that is the real beauty of saints, the forgotten are suddenly, finally, remembered and remain forever in our hearts.

you were a good little horse pops with a very big heart.



Carol, I think I have to disagree with you. Pops was not little, he was the biggest horse in the barn. Biggest in heart, biggest in soul. Biggest where it counted the most.

I'm glad he was not alone, but at SAINTS, surrounded by his human friends and barn friends, as his spirit soared and took flight.

Love ya Pops.

Kelly B

While I believe that animals never forget, I also believe they have an innate talent for forgiveness and living in the moment. Pops was able to enjoy his time at SAINTS to the fullest because he was appreciating the love and care he was receiving during his time there.

I volunteer in animal rescue myself, and I know how the ignorance and cruelty of humans can impact an animal's life. I also know if I carry that anger it can block me from providing positive energy to help rehabilitate those I am charged with caring for. I have to let it go, and believe the Creator (or what/whomever one believes in) will deliver payback to those who mistreated these beautiful creatures. It helps me channel my energy into something positive.

SAINTS is full of, well, saints. Perhaps that label would make some uncomfortable, but those that stand by animals who are heading towards the ends of their lives, and who help those animals cross over with dignity and respect deserve accolades. I am in awe of all volunteers, staff, Carol and all others who help SAINTS for the capacity to love and respect those creatures that would otherwise be in pain and suffering at a time in their lives when they should be at peace.



Pops touched so veery many emotions within me, albeit from afar.
Gratitude to Brent and Carol for giving him happiness and caring friends at the end of his life, sadness that in order for him to be pain-free he had to die... many, many emotions.
Unfortunately, over lying all of them is pure, unadulterated rage... rage that this happened to him in the first place, rage that it didn't have to happen at all, rage at the thought of him unnecessarily being in chronic and excruciating pain for so many years, and mostly rage that he spent so much of his life all alone and at the despair that must have caused him.
I don't know how you do it, Carol... I'm just grateful for all the saints that you can.

Bunny Horne

I have wept for POPS these past days more than I did on the passing of my parents. They masterminded their fate, POPS had no say in his. Thank you to Vet, Brent for not giving up on this wee horse and to Carol for saying YES and welcoming POPS into the SAINTs family. I dread the thought of this magnificent spirit passing on alone in a field - instead Carol allowed POPS spirit to take flight surrounded by loved ones, animals and humans alike and while I wasn't there to aid with his passing, my spirit, thoughts and love were absolutely in the pasture with him.

I woke, this first day of 2012, my head swirling with resolutions one of which is to raise as much money as possible within my tiny life for Saints Rescue

Maggie has a banner photo on 1000-Saints web page of Popeye and Gideon - if you haven't seen it - visit the page - that photo depicts how I wish to remember POPS. Not standing alone and frail in a field, but looking strong, happy and in minimal discomfort with one of his companions. He had many moments just like this during in his 9 months at Saints Rescue.

Thanks to everyone who was instrumental in allowing POPS life to have purpose and meaning and to allow him to pass on with dignity and surrounded by love. Thanks especially to Vet - Brent for saying NO, it's not his time and for Carol to saying, YES and welcoming this new Saint into the family.


I would really like to acknowledge our farm vet Brent. He was the one called out 9 months ago to euthanize a lonely, neglected pony. That day Pops was blessed that someone saw more than the exterior, but the soul within. So thank you for giving Pops the end he so deserved. Pops touched so many for me I will donate to Saints in Pops's honor, so we can continue to help others like him.


Pops had a big soul, that's why he seemed solid and strong when alive...


i feel so blessed to have found saints. so many wonderful people and animals. what a joy. i do find it very sad that there are so many people that really love all of our beautiful companions, wild and tame, and then there are just as many that do not give a damn. i am so glad that i am not in the last category. they are missing out on so much. the tears i have cried since volunteering at saints are tears of happiness and tears of sadness. but one thing i know is even tho i cry tears of sadness for all the animals that have passed at saints i know with no doubt that they were all very loved. that makes it all worth while they do touch our hearts and i would not have it any other way. rip pops and all our other beloved ones who have left us. you are all so remembered and still very much loved.


Pops must have found a guardian angel at the end - because his 9 months at SAINTS was pure heaven to him - and I am sure he knew it - my wish for 2012 is that all abandoned, unloved, unwanted and abused animals could find a home like you have provided to so many animals - but I know I am asking too much as long as we humans stay the way we are - but there are more people like you, Carol, in the world - and I am sure each day there are more - maybe someday we will be ahead - but until then - thank you for being being strong enough to do what you do - I know I could not do it - but applaud you - the animals are truly blessed to be in your care.