Rescue Journal

the bloody violence is done for the day....but the wee blind and hairless savage is far from done mucking stuff up yet today

Carol  ·  Jan. 3, 2012

here are the funnies...

bruiser..who did think about trying to bite me when i kicked him out of the laundry room to stick odie in there earlier...just was scratching around in the litter box. i said what the heck are you doing bru...and all of a sudden he squatted and pooped. yay bruiser is litter box trained.

i currently again am minus a few punctuation marks and other key typing things...this is now the exclamation mark..1...this is the question mark../...this is the number zero... ....nothing. i have no paranthesis or number nines, eights, sevens, sixes, fives, but there are 3's and 4's, just not the symbols of dollar signs and numbers above them...they were all working up til now.

this would be because odie the happy go lucky savage trashed my computer desk and knocked over a cup of tea on the key board today and the keys are finally starting to stick and die. good thing there are spares around here..ryan said he would hook one up tomorrow if the keyboard started to die.
odie was just trying to play with nicky but i made him stop. nicky is not a fat furry basketball and odie knows it, blind or not. i did give him some toys that the staff brought in today, but june took them all. she is currently trying to rip out the tongue and the guts of the green baby dragon. she is so freaking cute when she rips the shit out of stuff.

i want to have a hot bath but i probably shouldn't a..shit no capital will hurt my hole in my leg and b..shit no capital b either...b. the one tooth hole is probably too deep for a bath right now and it might get infected.

damn you odie, my freaking feet are freaking ice cold and want a nice hot bath...exclamation point.

odie says...if you want a good and cooperative dog..go hug a poodle..blind, busy body, five yr old husky's are for the big boys and girls to play with.



Glad to know you're ok Zoe - I had a terrible cold too over the holidays. Hope to see you next weekend. Carol, that face of Odie's is so adoraable!! I hope the bite on your leg is ok and no infection brewing.


Just checking in... I've had a cold from HELL since last Tuesday and am still dying. Shaw screwed up connecting our new router or whatever and I don't have internet til the 10th so I wasn't able to blog about the weekend, sorry. I knew there were enough people coming though. So I just figured out how to hack onto my neighbours unlocked wireless connection to let you know I'm slowly recovering and better be fine by this weekend. I'll remember to bring the $$$ I collected from friends over the holidays.


odie has got to have the cutest little face but what big teeth he has ,the better to bite you with lol

Colleen b

Ha! Sorry Carol, I have no magic instructions to fix this keyboard problem