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Carol  ·  Jan. 4, 2012

ok so i know i should be grateful but i really don't like typing on the purple playground is like i can't be trusted with a real one...and maybe i can't but does this one have to be so obvious??

i am not ignoring phone cell is dead. so if someone needs me, leave a message and i will phone back tomorrow.

i have a plan to keep mystic and june from ripping the shit out of the new couches i want to get...i will make june a bed buddy so she and mystic can chew on each other instead! day one of june's intro to bed buddy land went really good. the only issue is when they are wrestling together and playing on the bed...i can't see the tv past their big, flip flopping bodies! oh..and it kind of pisses off the little guys too...feels like our bed is in the middle of a 4.0 earthquake with giant bodies falling all around...they might be worried about getting squished to death but i told them to keep to the edges and they won't cuz june and mystic play in the middle where there is more manuvering room.

it was really bugging me that everywhere i looked was piled high with shit, so today i dejunked some of the worst areas and it looks a bit better around here. i know i am not an animal hoader cuz these guys can go as soon as the right home comes along..but i was feeling like a bunch of shit hoader cuz there was so much crap piled everywhere that i looked.

anyway, since it was a pissing down and ugly day i said to keep the dogs in the house. i don't think they would have had fun out at the barn. they were glad however that i was home in the house with them for most of the it worked out pretty well.

i am starting out the new year responsibly..i have a full physical exam booked at a womans wellness has been at least a dozen years since i did the responsible propholactic medical trip for cholestrol levels, papsmears and mammograms (last time i think i was 40, wow..that was almost 14 yrs ago!).....oh well better late than never and time sure flies when you are NOT having fun!

maybe anyone else who is overdo too should book their responsible, propholactic medical assessments as well?



hey! i WANT one of those bowling ball beds!!!!

what we really need around here is a few padded rubber rooms.

odie gets the first one and i want it sound proofed too.

Ian and Mary

maybe Carol should get one of those mattresses they advertise on TV where you can drop a bowling ball on the mattress and it will not disturb your sleep partner (or in Carol's situation 'sleep partnerS'.....LMAO)


Yeah, I can't imagine June and Mystic playing on the bed with you in it - and then put the little bed buddies on it too? Maybe the whole floor of your bedroom should be mattresses???? -Rubber coated ones of course! -

Ian and Mary

how about getting twin for the bed buddies and one for you, maybe with some kind of 'bridge' so they can visit, haha.....


wow you had better get a much bigger bed because pretty soon you will be on the edge, literally ha ha.


Carol, I'm bringing you a new electric (cordless) kettle on Sunday - so don't go out and buy one! Oh, and I am up to date on all of my medical tests too!