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s have sme gd news t share

Carol  ·  Jan. 4, 2012

gd lck readng ths st..mre keys are stckng nw.

h well slderng n

anyway, yesterday at wrk was alternately whnng and braggng...frst was s freakng exhasted frm wrkng thr all f the emtnal lsses bt was retty hay that was abt t start fve days ff.

ne f the nrses sad..why dn't y take sme extra vacatn days/ s dd and nw have twelve days ff n a rw...yay

let me knw f y fgre ths t, f nt when the new keybard gets hked wll wrte t agan.


Ann C

This is what I love about the SAINTS blog, life is never dull!! Enjoy your days off Carol and don't forget the van insurance expires Jan 9th and check if you need aircare. See you Sunday.


good luck readng this post..more keys are stickng now.

Oh well soldiering on

anyway, yesterday at work was alternately whining and bragging…first I was so freaking exhausted from working through's all from the emotional stresses (issues?) but I was pretty happy that I was about to start five days off.

One of the nurses said..why don’t you take some extra vacation days? so I did and now I have twelve days off in a row…yay!

let me know if you figure this out, if not when the new keyboard gets "hked" (here?) I will write it again.

(Juuust about figured it all out :). I don't want to get ready for work and I'm procrastinating, so I thought I'd just retype it with my un-sticky keyboard! Hope you have awesome days off, Carol!!)


To me this reads that one of the nurses said why don't you take some extra days off and now you have twelve days off in a row. You also said you were exhausted from working through Christmas but you about to start five days off.

You really need those extra days off for sure.

The message reminds me of my daughters early writing using the whole language approach and the inventive spelling it promoted. Ha.