Rescue Journal

not much to report.

Carol  ·  Jan. 5, 2012

it was a bit of a crappy day..i couldn't get my cell phone to charge, i was driving around with no gas and no debit card..just one of those days where you just seem to be in the middle of simple things becoming complicated.
oh well.
i went out to leave the next six months of board cheques for dixie so i had a very quick visit with her..she was happy that at least this time i remembered her apple!

tomorrow is shopping day..barn feed/supplements/fruit... salad and cookies for edith, 100 cans of canned dog food. hopefully enough of everything to last the full week..looking at the list, i bet it is at least a $500 bill total. i need to get on the liability and van insurences and book the vet appointments for next week too.

we moved ollie and maybelle into the tiny communal area with marvin, granny, and sydney...we will see how that goes..i wish that area was just a little bit bigger... altho..none of them are very active cats anyway.

welll..i better go finish my laundry..tomorrow we are doing several shop dump runs just to clear some space so i have room to organize in there. i will be too tired to do laundry tomorrow to get it done while i can.



Carol, im still not feeling good so I won't be able to make it in today. Sorry, I'll see everyone next week.


no one new helga...and yes penny,krista told me...thx for passing it on! thx erin!..i will put some stuff aside.
and bunny..i am starting a pile of garage saleables for you too.


Carol, did Krista mention Maybelle's eye problem? When I was cuddling her on Wednesday, I noticed she had some kind of milky-type film on her right eye.


if you have stuff another shelter could use i can take it on saturday....


Is there anybody new in the medical room that you had to free up space for that I should know about for Sunday?