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Carol  ·  Jan. 6, 2012

i watched a docu/movie a couple of weeks ago with david suzuki and he said something interesting...(ok..many interesting things) but he said..the earth, the air, the is real...the economy which drives our world (and is currently destroying it and everyone who lives on it) is not is just something we made up and then let it take over us...driving us and the entire planet closer and closer to extinction.

and he is right...but what do we do about it now?

how do we erase man's biggest mistake?

i have no idea.

probably the aboringinal races across the world could show us...but we spent generations destroying them and then stepped back to watch who was left to continue to destroy themselves....there are not many remaining with the knowledge and skills to live with nature in harmony. between worrying about discarded and unwanted family pets, vet bills, mortgage payments, and overdue insurence premiums..i have been thinking on this.

for all of the destruction and pain we have caused to not only every living thing this planet has ever held but to the very earth under our feet now...we have been the most globally destructive force in all of why do we still think the human species is at the very top peak of the evolution pile?

maybe it is time for us to admit that man was god's biggest mistake?...maybe some shameful humbleness and heartfelt regret could help us all right now?

my favorite saying from my gross out loving childhood...fine tuned globally to today...

we thought we were hot shit in a beer mug, but we are really only luke warm diarrhea in a leaky dixie cup....and our dixie cup is now falling apart.



Perhaps God was trying to do some population control but then we went ahead and invented artificial means of fertility.


Thanks so much for doing that, Bunny. I'll catch up with you on Sunday.


there are still a lot of good loving people in this world. but maybe there are less of those. but i do think people are starting to become more aware of things. i listen to my grandchildren and they are being taught so much at school anyway about the earth and caring for it i really think the children are our future and i do my best to emphasize the being responsible about animal welfare and the whole loving of them. i think every little bit helps. a lot of time they are much smarter than we are.


Hi Carol! I have been reading your blog for about three weeks now, I visit the TG website and thus found your resuce! Firstly, thank you for all that you do, I know it's not for everyone and you truly are special to take on such a big responsiblity! Secondly, thank God for you! I don't believe humans were God's big mistake, we've become our own worst enemies. As mentioned previously, people like you and Yvette, Dave and all those who care and give generously of their time and ultimately their lives are living proof. I am joining the $25.00 a month challenge, put my cheques in the mail today.....I love your blog! Bless you Carol!


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Bunny Horne

Penny, Maureen just dropped off the parcels and donations for Saints. There are apparently some personal items included in the parcels for you and your grand-daughter. We will see you Sunday so you can get the parcels and sort thorough the items.


Watch the doc 'Life After People' it's available on-line. What happens after the earth finally rids itself of its most destructive


I agree the world is a mess. We can start by somehow trying to put an end to the exponentially expanding human race. We cure diseases and save preemies (thank god cause mine was one of them) but have no plan on how to cap the number of people living on this earth. When I going to UBC there was a "Zero Population Growth" movement. Evem back then, it was known that there were too many people to sustain life on earth. If you go to a website that shows in one persons lifetime how many cows, pigs, goats, chickens, tons of corn, wheat etc etc are consumed and then add in their descendants, UGHHHH It's just plain rediculous. We are destined to self-destruct in a few more generations.


Many people are changing their thoughts and ideas now about what's important in this world - I see it happening all around me with the people I talk to. Just look at what's happening in "hot spots" around the world - people are rebelling against despotic leaders, and want a better life and world for themselves and their children. The world is in a mess right now, but I still have faith that it can change, one person at a time. Their are so many wonderful people, like yourself Carol, who strive to make a difference and ultimately it will be people like you who can make changes, even though the odds seem to be stacked against you. Call me naive, but those of us who can see what really matters in life can help change global attitudes - it's like a pebble thrown in the lake, the ripples move outwards.