Rescue Journal

the other part of today

Carol  ·  Jan. 7, 2012

odie had fun at the barn today..he was a bit stymied by wilbur's piggy butt..hard for a blind city dog to imagine what the heck that is? he was bouncing all over the place and playing with mystic...chris told me he would like to take odie home (for like an hour.) there is no doubt in anyone's mind that this little husky is BUSY.

june was playing with a red monkey who made this wierd crying noise..she would scrunch her face up in such concern and stare at it before ripping off some other part.

my daughter lindsey and her husband cam came out to clean out the water filter so we have decent water pressure again...YAY!...i wasn't here (i was off shopping for more manure forks) and lindsey said it was so weird to be at her moms house and people kept kindly asking if they could help her. honestly, it sucks to have me as a mother.

ziggy was a bit of a brat at barn bedtime, once he was done with his dinner, he zipped thru the gate to go back in with the cows. it was dark by then cuz i was late putting them to bed (i was trying to unplug the house toilet..i have no idea why it suddenly plugged) so there i was chasing him around in the dark before he finally said ok, fine..i will go to bed now.

ollie and maybelle have made a great transition into the frail cat pen. i am just waiting for tammy's freak out when she discovers that maybelle has stolen marvin's chair. anyway..this may just be a temporary move..they are both doing so well, i might move them again soon into one of the big communal cat areas. sometimes cats really surprise me on how well they handle change. and if i can move them onwards..that means i can soon move coco puff in with marvin and his more healthy cats in medical room pens.

i think we will be probably losing cali fairly soon. her cancer is slowly progressing, she is getting very thin and frail and i do think life might not be so great for her. i will make an appointment with the vet this week to figure out what is best for her now.

once everyone was safely to bed, i spent some more time with edith in the shop..she is so funny..she does a full loop around the shop and stops for a cookie, and does another loop and stops for a cookie..she did it 4 times in all. that freaking ancient little goat likes living in the shop. looking at her now, she looks pretty damn good and healthy to me but there is no way on gods green earth that she will willingly go back to being a barn yard goat..she has discovered the beauty of pampered and luxury living.



Our power is out so I missed my alarm! Ill be there this morning a little later than usual, if anyone sees this blog this morning :)


great photos..nigel looks good! i still think you oughta take odie..he would fit right in with your goofus crew.


Forgot to tell you that we couldn't find a muzzle for puff so we ciuldn't shave his feet/legs.
I also sent you photos of dumb and dumber playing.


Maybelle seemed quite at ease yesterday, shoe was owning the green chair and giving Puff the evil eye.


marvin is in granny's bed..granny is on the karunda bed..everyone looks perfectly happy and content...(especially maybelle!)


Did I mention that I purchased a Marvin shirt.
Yes now I have Phoebe and Marvin on shirts.


Where is Marvin hanging out? Did Maybelle push him out of the chair (she can be quite the bitch)?
I will have to talk to her tomorrow and explain that you don't mess with Marvin, he's sensitive.