Rescue Journal

there is no doubt

Carol  ·  Jan. 7, 2012

that i am tired and edgy and not in the most patient and understanding of mind sets..the stress at work and the stress of here is adding up to a lot of stress everywhere. and interestingly is not my work clients or the animals who are stressing me out..i like looking after sick people...i like looking after wrecked is all of the peripheral stuff that has nothing to do with anything at all that is driving me right up the freaking wall.

at the end of the day..i want to see happy and well cared for animals who enjoyed their day. i want to feel that any ownership issues were ownership of responsibility and about overall caring..not ownership of things, or areas, or routines, or certain "special' animals.

there is a big picture here and that big picture equally, without bias or rating, contains 140+ living and breathing and feeling bodies and souls. and i don't want to fight with people over manure forks, dumping outdated or substandard donated food, shifting animals from one area to another because of their unique and special needs, or worrying about who loves who before i send them out to foster or adoptive homes carefully and especially chosen for them.

the big picture is..this is not about you or me..this whole thing is about them.

this is a homeless senior and special needs multi-species animal shelter/sanctuary..i bought it and together we built it, to meet the animals needs.

and i want a couple of things to happen here as far as the human caregivers go...i want the paid staff to fully understand and appreciate that the volunteers come here on their own time, and work hard to care for the animals without any pay. and i want the volunteers to understand that while the paid staff get paid for being here..they have less time and more work to complete on their person has 4 hours for the entire mp building, one and a half people have to accomplish all of the same amount of very heavy work in each barn and house area every day.

it hard for everyone, everywhere. so lets respect each other and honestly appreciate that caring for 140 plus saints every day..mon-fri..sat and sun makes all of us part of the very same team...we are just here on different days of the week (except me, cuz i am here every day of the week.)

i don't want lines drawn here in some kind of human play ground sand...i want to know that everyone here is working together for every animal on this one is delegated to more or less than.

when i gave these animals a home here..i said everything here was all about them..i never said it was about anyone else.

KO came in to the shop today and saw odie, buddy, benny and edith all hanging together with me while i worked out there. she asked me how do you get them to all get along with so many everywhere? i said it was easy..i expect it.



the humane society says thanks for the sharing of the wealth (of donations that is, fuck, if only we had that much money we could spread it around)and i will be up in the morning to bring a crib mattress for manny.