Rescue Journal

the beloved destructors

Carol  ·  Jan. 8, 2012

everyone was settled by bedtime but i swear everyone was looking at me accusingly..."what horrible thing did you do to sweet caroline carol???"

geez you guys.....i just moved her to where she would be comfortable and safe..she was eating cool fresh spinach and apple bits when i left her tonight..i didn't do anything mean!

thx so much for setting manny up so nice erin and for bringing the nice bed for these guys...sadly, when i was out in the barn.... the baby mattress got eaten by june...sorry..giant dog likes giant toy. i did see odie help himself to a mouthful of it, so maybe she had a bit of help.

that is the thing about playful blind that are fun to play with may not really be toys. i remember the day that blind lucky grabbed the little girl's arm in the puffy winter jacket..lucky was so happy to run into the puffy toy..the little girl wasn't so happy and wanted her arm back.

of course june is not blind so she knew that wasn't a giant june toy..or maybe she didn't if she had never seen a baby mattress would she know?

it really is a good thing that june is my dog and not up for adoption cuz sure as shit she would always be in big trouble and someone would get fed up with her and either stick her in a crate or out alone in the yard forever. june bug comes in a close second to mystic as the destructor...but i honestly don't care...she will eventually outgrow it as her confidence grows..most dogs eventually do.

THE most destructive dog i ever met was tally ho braveheart (he was my dog too who also came from a very horrible life)..i came home for lunch one day and that dog had eaten an ENTIRE couch in a few hours and shredded it into tiny pieces about an inch long. he was SOOOO happy..his tail was swishing back and forth in the room sized fluffy mess and he had the biggest smile. that was the first time i had ever seen him happy....and really he was beyond happy...he was overflowingly joyful. it was a good death for an ugly old couch. i am missing tally..that's the trouble with memories, they remind you what you don't have anymore.

love you tally!
(thx for this is my favorite photo of mr. softie!)



lol..are you kidding? in this world of techno complexity and diversity..i am an illiterate techno savage. i can barely (and only marginally)use my tv remote control..i got a new moron simple cell phone today so i am good to go again...but thx for the offer!


This may be too late to post but your phone went to voicemail right away. Remember I am going to be there at 1 PM


I guess your memory is well known....Also reminder Puff Daddy groom day do not let him down to barnyard.....I will pick him up about 10


You tried hard to get something set up better than he had Erin - and he did appreciate the food and water close by. I remember Tally - he had a great face - and disposition!


well i hope june and odie had a great time at it! that mattress didnt work for manny like i wanted it to anyways. his back end kept slipping off the edge, putting him in no better position than he was in before. hence it being over by the fireplace. tally really does look like he was soft!