Rescue Journal

ah yes..the petfinder challenge started today...

Carol  ·  Jan. 9, 2012

i am going to vote for us this time around. last year was such a stressful vet bill paying year,this year we really will need the help. $1000 pays $1000 worth of vet bills so it is well worth the effort for me to remember to vote!

thank you for the reminders about air care and the van insurence ann and laura..i did both today so we are good to go for the year.

we moved caroline back to the barn..the sheep were all still upset. we made her a little covered loafing area inside the fence of the barn yard where she can still see her friends but hang out safely during the day and go to bed with her buds at night.

we had the vets out to see wilbur bedtime last night i noticed him choking for a couple of minutes..janice noticed he was having trouble again today so brent came out to have a look. we gave him a metcam injection cuz his heart rate was fast and that is an indication of pain and will see how he is in the morning. he ate his dinner with no problem tonight so hopefully nothing serious is going on.

i showed the vet the two new little roosters bert and ernie and he is going to take them as soon as he builds them a nice new chicken home...yay..we found a great home for the pair of them so we won't have to take care of them forever..i thought he would like them cuz they are so freaking cute..happy rooster soon to be adoption day!!!

i believe tomorrow we may be euthanizing cali..she is still cheerful and interactive and eating and drinking well..but her cancer has spread to the inside of her neck and it is going to start impeding her breathing soon.

laura took puff daddy in for grooming today...he looks so freaking cute! thx laura!

odie is starting to snap at me when i give him his insulin..he has been so good about it up til now but the bossy little don't bug me when i am eating husky is starting to come out, if he escalates further i will be sticking a muzzle on him for his twice daily pokes...makes no difference to me..i still remember what a vicious dick head that usually sweet little poodle caspar was whenever i had to poke him with his insulin...the muzzle made it much safer and easier for me.

tonight is going to be partly about bubble book to read in the bath...and a cup of hot chocolate with baileys to sip in the sounds like a perfect evening to me!!



Baileys sounded so good, I had one before bed too.
Oh, poor Cali, she is a sweetie

Maggie chocolate with Bailey's?! Never thought of that one, just put it in my coffee. Must try real soon :)